Central bodies of IFIP
TC 1 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Terminology and Symbols.
TC 2 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Programming Languages. Documents of the Working Groups of this TC are stored separately.
TC 3 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Education.
TC 4 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Health Care and Biomedical Research.
TC 5 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Computer Applications in Technology.
TC 6 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Data Communication.
TC 7 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on System Modelling and Optimization.
TC 8 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Information Systems.
TC 9 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Relationship between Computers and Society.
TC 10 of IFIP
IFIP Technical Committee on Digital Systems Design.
IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.1
The Working Group 2.1 of the IFIP Technical Committee 2 was intended for design and further developing of ALGOL 60. This development resulted in creating ALGOL 68. Beginning from early sixties A.P.Ershov became an active member of the Group.
IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.2
on Formal Description of Programming Concepts
IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.3
on Programming Methodology.
IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.4
on System Implementation Languages
IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.5
on Numerical Software
IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.6
on Data Bases
IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.7
on Operating System Interfaces
IFIP/TC 2/Working Group on Functional Programming
IFIP/TC2/Working Group on Programming Language Description
The Group was intended to be created.
IFIP/TC2/Working Group on Numerical Program Libraries
The Group was intended to be created.
IFIP 65 Congress
New York, USA; 24-29.05.1965. A.P.Ershov is one of the Congress organizers.
IFIP 68 Congress
Edinburgh, Scotland; 02-07.08.1968. A.P.Ershov is the vice-chairman of the Programming Committee.
IFIP 71 Congress
Ljubljana, Yugoslavia; 23-28.08.1971. A. Ershov - the member of the TC "Programming and Systems Structure".
IFIP 74 Congress
Stockholm, Sweden; 5-10.08.1974
IFIP 77 Congress
Toronto, Canada; 8-12.08.1977.
IFIP 80 Congress
Tokyo, Japan/Melbourne, Australia; 1-17.10.1980. A.P.Ershov was the PC Vice-Chairman. In conjuction with the Australian segment of the Congress there was held also the Junior World Computer Congress.
IFIP 83 Congress
Paris, France; 19-23.10.1983.
IFIP 89 Congress
San Francisco, USA; 28.08-1.09.1989. The first Congress after A.P.Ershov's death.
Working Conference "Formal Language Description Languages"
Vienna; 15-18.09.1964.
Working Conference "Symbol Manipulation Languages"
Pisa; 5-9.09.1966.
Working Conference on Simulation Languages
Oslo; 20-27.05.1967.
Working Conference "ALGOL 68 Implementation"
Munich; 20-24.07.1970.
Working Conference on Graphic Languages
Vancouver; 22-26.05.1972.
Working Conference "Programming Teaching Techniques"
Zakopane; 18-22.09.1972.
Working Conference "Machine-Oriented High Level Languages"
Trondheim; 29-31.08.1973.
Working Conference on Data Base Management Systems
Cargese, Corsica; 1-5.04.1974.
Technical Conference on Optimization Techniques
Novosibirsk; 1-7.07.1974.
Working Conference on Minicomputer Software
Munich; July 1974.
Working Conference on Command Languages (1974)
Lund; 27.07-02.08.1974.
Working Conference "Constructing Quality Software"
Novosibirsk; 23-28.05.1977.
1st Working Conference "Formal Description of Programming Concepts"
St. Andrews, Canada; 01-05.08.1977
Working Conference on Data-Bases
Working Conference on Perfomance Evaluation of Numerical Software
Baden; 11-15.12.1978.
Working Conference "Data Base Architecture"
Venice; 24-29,06,1979.
Working Conference on Command Languages (1979)
Berchtesgaden, Bavaria; 10-14.09.1979.
4th International Conference on Software Engineering
Munich; 17-19.09.1979.
Working Conference "Firmware, Microprogramming and Restructurable Hardware"
Linz; 28.04-01.05.1980.
Working Conference "Relationship between Numerical Computation and Programming Languages"
Boulder, Colorado; 3-7.08.1981.
1st Working Conference "Computer Application in Food Production and Agricultural Engineering"
Habana, Cuba; 26-30.10.1981
2nd Working Conference "Formal Description of Programming Concepts"
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria; 1-4.06.1982.
Working Conference "Command Languages and Related Interfaces"
Intended to be held at Woods Hole/North Falmouth, Mass., 12-17.09.1982. Postponed.
Working Conference "Programming Languages and System Design"
Dresden; 7-11.03.1983.
Working Conference "System Description Methdology"
Kecskemet, Hungary; May 1983.
Working Conference "System Programming Languages, Experience and Assessment"
Canterbury; 16-20.09.1984. A.P. Ershov is a member of the PC.
Supposed conferences on programming environments
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1984 or 1985; South of France, 1985.
Working Conference "Program Specification and Transformation"
Bad-Toelz near Munich; 15-17.04.1986.
Working Conference in Trondheim
June 1986.
3rd Working Conference "Formal Description of Programming Concepts"
Gl. Avernaes, Denmark; 25-28.08.1986.
DS-2 Working Conference
Albufeira, Portugal; 3-7.11.1986.
Working Conference "Engineering for Human-Computer Interaction"
Napa, USA; 21-25.08.1989. (As planned.)
Conference on Functional Programming
Portland, Oregon; Sept. 1987.
Working Conference "The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Databases and Information Systems"
Guangzhou (Canton); 4-8.07.1988.
Working Conference "Aspects of Computation on Asynchronous Parallel Processors"
Stanford, Cal.; 22-26.08.1988.
Working Conference on Visual Database Systems
Okinawa, Japan; 3-7.04.1987. (Was being planned.)
Working Conference "Programming Concepts and Methodology"
Planned to be held in 1990.
Working Conference on Non-Lingual Scientific Problem Solving
Planned to be held in September 1991 in Karlsrue.
Anniversary of the first 25 years of IFIP
Various Matters of IFIP

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