Various Matters of IFIP
Booklet, 01.07.1968(?)
"International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) 1968".
Plan, 01.09.1976
IFIP 6-Years Plan.
Information bulletin, 27.04.1977
IFIP Information bulletin, No 11, 1977
Report, 23.03.1978
produced by A.Dorodnitsyn on his participation in several IFIP events, namely meetings of Planning Committee, Executive Board and Council (Bombay, 31.01-3.02.1978) and National Conference of the Indian Computing Society (Calcutta, 5-8.02.1978).
Minutes, 10.02.1987(?)
of meetings of the IFIP Publications Committee (Lisbon and Dublin). (Doc. "St.Pierre-3".)
Booklet, 15.05.1978
"International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) 1977".
Letter, R. P. Uhlig->R. E. A. Mason, 10.02.1987
The author exposes his points concerning the role of IFIP in standards, and inquires on supposed TC-2 activity in this field. (Doc. "St.Pierre-5".)
Statutes, 13.05.1964
of the International Federation for Information Processing, adopted at the 7th meeting of the IFIP Council.
Registration Card, G. I. Marchuk->A.P. Ershov, 29.12.1978
Ershov is asked to make an information in his seminar on Dorodnitsyn's report as to IFIP central bodies meeting in which the latter took part.
Letter, R. E. A. Mason->R. P. Uhlig, 02.03.1987
The author comments the addressee's points concerning the role of IFIP in standards, and summarises his view on TC-2 activity in this field. (Doc. "St.Pierre-6".)
Letter, 11.09.1981
on IFIP publication policy concerning Proceedings of Working Conferences.
Letter and Attachment, 31.10.1983
Covering letter for an article on activities of the IFIP Technical Committee 2, and this article itself. The article is distributed by the IFIP Public Information Committee.
Newsletter, 03.01.1984
"IFIP Newsletter", vol.1, no.1, November 1983
Newsletter, 19.06.1984
"IFIP Newsletter", vol.1, no.2, February, 1984.
Letters, 03.06.1986-11.08.1986
concering non-admittance of an invitee to the Trondheim Working Conference. (Doc. "St.Pierre-10".)
Form, 06.04.1987(?)
of copyright transfer to IFIP. (Doc. "St.Pierre - 11".)
Newsletter, 20.10.1984
"IFIP Newsletter", vol.1, no.4, September, 1984.
Newsletter, 03.01.1985
"IFIP Newsletter", vol.1, no.5, December, 1984.
Proposal, 07.04.1987
concerning formation of TC-2 Working Group on Functional Programming. (Doc. "St.Pierre-12".)
Newsletter, 16.03.1985
"IFIP Newsletter", vol.2, no.1, March 1985.

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