Ershov's Personal File (26 gr.)
This section is a collection of documents, diplomas, character references, publications lists, etc. A separate group is devoted to Ershov’s 50th anniversary greetings.
School Years (3 gr.)
In 1943-1949 A.P. Ershov was a pupil of the boys' school ¹37 in Kemerovo. He finished the school with a gold medal, he was an active Young Communist Leaguer, and a good track and field athlete.
A.P. Ershov as a student of the Moscow State University (3 gr.)
Class notes, rough copies of term papers and a degree thesis.
Scientific Work (36 gr.)
This section contains chronologically ordered A.P. Ershov's bibliography, rough drafts and outlines of his papers give some insight of the "cook-house" of a scientist
Theoretical Research (5 gr.)
A.P. Ershov greatly contributed to solving theoretical problems of present-day informatics. In this section the documents related to this line of his work are collected. Presented are drafts reflecting the writing process, slides and other materials for presentations, notes, correspondence with publishers, author’s references, etc.
Software Projects (14 gr.)
Main software projects carried out under A.P. Ershov’s supervision and/or with his direct contribution.
Programming languages (5 gr.)
This section contains documents related to elaboration, implementation and propagation of the programming languages ALGOL 60 and ALGOL 68. Several documents related to other programming languages are also present.
Artificial Intelligence (18 gr.)
Although this discipline lay somewhat aside from the main directions of Ershov's scientific activitiy, it always was of great interest to him; thanks to his support, research in inartificial intelligence advanced in the Siberian Branch of the USSR AS.
School Informatics (32 gr.)
The work on the subject “Computers and School Education” has been carried out at the USSR SBAS since 1961 at the extracurricular and pre-professional training level. By the efforts of A.P. Ershov and his colleagues by the beginning of 80’s it developed into a fundamental scientific school solving the problems posed at the state level.
Ershov at the Novosibirsk State University (9 gr.)
For many years A.P. Ershov lectured at the Novosibirsk State University, supervised the work of graduate and post-graduate students. The section also contains documents related to the NSU Research Department.
Scientific Manpower Training (8 gr.)
International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Congresses, Schools, and Colloquiums (27 gr.)
Archive documents relative to all international conferences A.P. Ershov took part in. There is a separate subsection devoted to each conference, inside of which the documents are aggregated into subject groups
All-Union Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Schools (47 gr.)
The documents presented in this section relate to the conferences where Ershov’s participation in their preparation and holding was particularly substantial – him being the Chairman of the Program Committee or chief organizer.
Scientific foreign trips (31 gr.)
In Soviet times A.P. Ershov was one of a few “traveling” computer scientists. He always brought lots of books, articles, and reports from his foreign trips. The results of these trips were personal contacts with the world leading computer scientists and extensive scientific relations of his department with international scientific community.
IFIP (69 gr.)
IFIP – International Federation of Information Processing. A.P. Ershov actively contributed to the work of its special committees and working groups. IFIP Congresses are broad international forums attended by specialists in theoretical and applied computer science from all over the world. During his lifetime A.P. Ershov worked in Program Committees and spoke at IFIP Congresses.
Domestic trips (33 gr.)
Editorial activity (39 gr.)
A.P. Ershov was an editor or a member of editorial boards of several foreign and domestic journals. His correspondence with authors and readers, as well as his own works are presented in this section.
Routine business (24 gr.)
As a head of laboratory, and later – as a department head and the Informatics Division head, Ershov took part in solving everyday personnel, financial and other questions. The section also contains staff members’ character references, memorandums, etc.
The USSR Academy of Sciences (23 gr.)
In 1970 Ershov has been elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, in 1984 - full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Since then he was an active participant of scientific-organizational functions of the Academy and kept the related documents in his files.
Ershov's participation in goverment programs' elaboration (11 gr.)
Ershov's work as the CSS Chairman (11 gr.)
CSS – Commission on Software Systems of the USSR AS Coordinating Committee for Computer Technologies (CCCT).The Commission was formed of Working Groups on the most topical issues of software systems. CSS sessions were held in different USSR cities and were devoted to discussion of current problems, forward-looking planning for future research, reports from different software development groups.
Collaboration with the USSR Ministry of Radio Industry (3 gr.)
Scientific and Technical Collaboration (20 gr.)
Owing to Ershov’s vast international connections his Department participated in many programs of scientific and technical collaboration with foreign countries. Foreign scientists came to the Computing Center for probation; the Department staff members took business trips abroad; joint conferences, symposiums, and schools were being held.
Correspondence (130 gr.)
Ershov’s correspondence is grouped by year; it is also subdivided into incoming and outgoing mail, local and foreign correspondence
Public events (9 gr.)
This section is a collection of documents concerning Ershov’s activities at different social organizations such as “Znaniye” association, Soviet Committee of Peace Defence, the Lenin’s Child Fund, his speeches at meetings and rallies.
Documents on computer science (10 gr.)
This section contains numerous documents on new developments in computer science received by A.P. Ershov from Soviet and foreign colleagues
P.S. (3 gr.)
The documents received after A.P.Ershov's decease
START (7 gr.)
Provisional Scientific and Research Group "START"
IIS (34 gr.)
The Institute of Informatics Systems of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Svyatoslav S. Lavrov's Archive (14 gr.)

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