Software Projects
The ALPHA Project
A system for automatic programming ALPHA was based on the Input Langiuage a certain Algol 60 extension. Multi-phase compilation, mixed programming strategy and application of formal optimizing transformations allowed attaining high quality of executable code.
The "AIST" Project
The Automatic Informational STation (AIST) is a set of computer systems connected by communication lines with a great number of information sources and consumers; the connected systems are continuously engaged in joint information processing sharing the time and memory of the central processing unit among all users currently connected to the station
The "ASTRA" Project
A system of distributed text processing for ES computer series
The "BETA" Project
The Multilanguage Optimizing Programming System
The "VCKP"
Multiaccess Computing Center Project
The "MRAMOR" Project
MRAMOR is a multifunction workstation developed in the framework of "RUBIN" project for "Pravda" newspaper
Programming Program for BESM
The first project of A.P.Ershov.
Programming Program for "Strela-3"
The "RUBIN" Project
Initially a publishing system for "Pravda" newspaper, RUBIN data-processing system was aimed at providing integrated tools for automated text processing and information services increasing the efficiency of the whole newspaper publishing cycle - from the incoming data processing to production of page printing plate originals
The "SAPPHIRE" Project
A System for Automated Preparation of PHototypesetted edItions with Resources for Editing
The "TAU" Project
Translator from ALGAMS into ARMU anguage for Ural-14 computer
The Elbrus Series
ER MVK Elbrus - unified series of multicomputer systems "Elbrus"
The "EPSILON" and "SIGMA" projects
A symbol manipulation language initially named "SIGMA" was later renamed "EPSILON", while "SYGMA" became the name of another project - a symbolic generator and macroassembler. At the same time, A.Ershov and J.McCarthy worked on one more symbol-processing language "BETA". But this project eventually came to naught and the name "BETA" passed to the multilanguage programming system
MVP Technology
In 1985, in Leningrad LNPO "Krasnaya Zarya" started works on developing MVP technology (Modular-vector technology of software industrial production). A.P. Ershov was invited as a scienific consultant of the project

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