Ershov at the Novosibirsk State University
Scientific Councils of the University
Department of Mechanics and Mathematics
A.P. Ershov worked at the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics since 1961 (programming department of Computational Mathematics chair: 1961-1966, Theoretical Cybernetics chair: 1966-1976, Computational Mathematics chair: since 1976)
NSU - Routine business
Research Department of the NSU
First Students' Seminar "Scientific Research Automation"
USSR, Novosibirsk, February 3-6, 1984. A.Ershov was the PC Chairman
International Students' Contest in Informatics
Faculty of advanced training
A.P. Ershov acted as scientific adviser of the faculty's students
Theoretical Physics Chair
A.P. Ershov consulted the department staff on computerization of educational process. Some documents have been sent to him for examination and thus turned out in the archive
Ershov's personal records

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