Public events
The All-Union contest show in computer software
Public appearances
of Ershov and others
Siberian Mathematical Society
Andrei Ershov was a member of SMS for many years; in the last years he was a vice-president of SMS.
Trade Union Affairs
In 1964-1964 A.P.Ershov was the chairman of The Computing Center local trade union committee. This section contains documents related to his activities in this capacity
Scientific effort
The Association for Computing Machinery
A.P.Ershov was the member of the Association for Computing Machinery since 1965.
The Prize Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers
Soviet V.I. Lenin Children's Foundation
Lyapunov Archive Commission
A.P. Ershov headed the commission on examination of A.A. Lyapunov's archive left after his untimely decease. As the result of this work a two-volume edition of Lyapunov's works was published

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