Routine business
"Pre-SBAS" period
Department of Programming (1959-1963)
Institute of Mathematics was one of the first in AS Siberian Branch (formed in 1957). A.P. Ershov was invited to head its department of programming. In 1959 it was decided to organize in the institute the computing center, which became separate institute on January 1, 1964; Ershov's department became its part.
Normative documents
of the USSR SBAS Computing Center
Directions and instructions
Computing Center Plans
Staff character references
Department of Programming (1964-1971)
Division of Informatics (1971-1976)
Department of Informatics (1977-1988)
Department of Programming
The department was headed by I.V.Pottosin and consisted of two laboratories - laboratory of system programming (headed by Pottosin) and laboratory of theoretical programming (headed by V.E.Kotov). Department of programming was part of the Computing Center's Informatics department headed by A.P.Ershov
Scientific Council of the Compuing Center
USSR SB AS Joint Scientific Councils
of physical, mathematical and technical sciences; on mechanics, mathematics and power engineering
Particularized Scientific Councils
Scientific and technical boards of the Computing Center
Collaboration with NPO "Fakel"
Philosophical and methodological seminar
Staff members' foreign trip files
Housing problem
Participation in farm and construction works
Library business
Unfinished business
This group contains documents left on A.P. Ershov's desk at the time of his decease

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