Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence laboratory
part of the USSR SBAS Computing Center (The Head - A.S. Narinyani)
"Formation of the Computer Fund of the Russian Language" Program
The problem of formation of the Russian Language computer fund (CFRL) was first formulated by Ershov in 1978. He supported the initiative of the USSR AS Institute of the Russian Language for establishing a CFRL Task Program and in 1985 joined its Coordinating Board
The "Etap-1" project - Experimental System for Automated Translation from French into Russian
The problems of robotics
Publications on artificial intelligence
Mass media about AI
All-Union Seminar
"Linguistic problems of AI systems construction" was planned to be held in Moscow in January 1984 but was cancelled
The "Artificial Intelligence" Council
Reports on Artificial Intelligence
International Joint Conference in Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-4)
Tbilisi, August 25-30, 1975
1st IFAK Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (SAI-1)
Leningrad, October 4-6, 1983
International conference on artificial intelligence
Repino (Leningrad), April 18-24, 1977
Discussion at the "Akademia" club on artificial intelligence
All-Union Scientific and Technical Conference
"Dialog Tools for Information Processing" -"Dialog-78": Pushchino, Sept. 26-28, 1978
4th seminar on DIALOG project
Estonia, Kiaeriku, February 19-22, 1979
2nd All-Union Seminar "Dialog-79"
Protvino, September 1979
Seminar of the "Dialog" Project
Songaste (Tartu), March 2-6, 1982
Machine translation

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