School Informatics
Provisional Scientific and Technical Committee for Proposal Preparation...
The committee was formed in 1984 for preparation of proposals on expanding the use of teaching systems in educational institutions. A.P. Ershov was the member of this committee
Provisional scientific and technological group "Shkola"
The group was formed in 1986 for the period of 11 years to carry out the works on educational software development by a number of institutions in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Pushchino, Pereyaslavl-Zalessky.
2nd International Conference "Children in the information age", Bulgaria, 1987
Plenary speech “School Informatics in the USSR: from literacy to culture”.
School Informatics Information Files
Versions of teaching programs, articles and notes from Soviet and foreign press
The concept of informatization of national education
In 1987-1988 A.P. Ershov was the head of the Joint Commission on drafting a Concept of computers application in education for 1990-2010.
IFAC/IFIP Conference "Training for tomorrow"
Leiden, the Netherlands, 1983. Presentation “The future of automation”.
Conferences on the subject of school informatics
were being held on the state, republican, regional levels as well as by individual educational institutions
Interdepartmental Committee on Computing Machinery
Formed by the Decision of the USSR Council of Ministers of 07.01.1985. A.P. Ershov was head of the Section of Informatics and Computing Machinery in Education
USSR SBAS Scientific Council on the problems of education
was set up by the directive ¹ 227 of the USSR SBAS Presidium of May 10, 1977 with Academician V.a. Kopyiug as Chairman. A.P. Ershov was appointed the head of the group on computers application at school
First International Conference "Children in Computer World"
Bulgaria, May 6-9, 1985. A.P. Ershov could not participate due to his health condition
Correspondence of the Computing Center's School Informatics Group
Periodical press on the subject of SI
Collaboration with the key newspapers and journals on the subject of computer literacy propagation
The files of Ershov's closest team-mates of the discipline's formation period (1976-84)
School informatics prospects of development
The documents in this section show support rendered to school informatics by different social and scientific institutions.
State documents' preparation
Ershov’s contribution to preparation of the resolution of the C.P.S.U. Central Committee and the USSR Council of Ministers on the subject of computers introduction into educational process (1984-87)
US trip of Soviet schoolchildren
"Shkol'nitsa" system
Application package “Shkol’nitsa” for school educational process automation.
Appearances on the issues of school informatics
Mass media appearances: in newspapers, on radio and television, in front of the general public.
School Informatics Dictionary
International collaboration in application of computers in education
TV Informatics Lessons
In 1985 in Soviet schools a new discipline - "The basics of informatics and compiters" was introduces. To aid the introduction of the new course, six educational films and two TV programs based on the letters from the audience were shooted
Standard classroom for school studies using microprocessor devices
Specification and detail design for this project was worked out in 1984-85 under Ershov's supervision
3rd IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education (WCCE81), Lausanne, 1981
Here in July 27,1981 Ershov made his world-renowned presentation “Programming, the second literacy”.
Textbooks and manuals
"The basics of informatics and computer science" course for 9 - 10-graders and teacher's manuals were written by a group of authors under Ershov's supervision in 1984-87
6th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-6), Budapest, Hungary, 1988
Plenary speech “School computerization and mathematical education”.
All-Union Schools of Young Programmers (YPSS)
YPSSs are being held since 1976 and are an efficient part of the mechanism of informatics propagation and popularization started up by A.P. Ershov
Scientific and Practical Conference "Theory and Practice of School Management"
Barnaul; 05-06.05.1983
USSR Academy of Educational Sciences
Collaboration with the Ministry of Electronic Industry
Creative cooperation
SI Group routine business files
The group belonged to the department of Informatics of the SB AS Computing Center and was headed by Lydia Gorodnya

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