All-Union Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Schools
Scientific and Technical Conference (Noginsk)
Noginsk, M/u 06669; Oct. 20-23, 1958
Conference on computer mathematics and applications
Baku, 1958
All-Union Conference on computer mathematics and computer techniques
Moscow, 1959, November,16-21
Symposium on Principles of Self-learning Systems Building
Kiev; May 5-8, 1961 and May 10-14 1963.
Fourth All-Union Mathematicians' Congress
Leningrad, July 03-12, 1961
Working Seminar on Programming Automation
Held by the USSR SBAS Computing Center and the Commission on M-20 computers maintenance. Novosibirsk, Jan. 29 - Feb. 2, 1965.
Symposium on the New Algorithmic Languages
1968, Novosibirsk
First All-Union Conference in Programming
VKP-1, Kiev. Nov. 12-15, 1968. A.P. Ershov was the Chairman of the Program Committee
Conference "Time Sharing Computer Systems"
Novosibirsk, March, 1969
Second All-Union Conference in Programming
VKP-2: Novosibirsk, 1970
Symposium on the Theory of Programming
Tsvelodubovo, Leningrad region, 1-10 March 1972
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Second All-Union Symposium on System Programming
Novosibirsk, 1973
Symposium "System and Theoretical Programming"
Kishinev, December 10-12, 1974. A.P. Ershov made a presentation "Programmindg at the IFIP-74 Congress"
All-Union Symposium on Implementation of Algorithmic Languages
Novosibirsk, 10-13.9.1975. The Symposium was attended by several foreign scientists.
All-Union Conference of Young Scientists
on System Programming (CYS SP). Novosibirsk, October 10-13, 1977
All-Union Seminar
"Perspectives of System and Theoretical Programming". Novosibirsk, March 20-22, 1978
First All-Union Conference "Technology of Programming"
Kiev, June 4-8, 1986. A.P. Ershov was the PC member
5th All-Union Conference in Theoretical Cybernetics
Novosibirsk, June 18-20, 1980
All-Union Conference "Automated production of application packages"
Tallinn, September 8-10, 1980
All-Union Conference "Methods of mathematical logics in AI problems and systematic programming"
Palanga, September 3-5, 1980.
First all-Ynion conference on Databanks
Tbilisi, 10-15.11.1980. A.P. Ershov was the Organizing Committee member
Regional School in Programming "Problems of Program Synthesis"
Izhevsk-Sarapul, June 20-26, 1981
All-Union Conference on methods of translation
Novosibirsk, February 3-5, 1981; Ershov was a member of the Program Committee
All-Union Seminar "Program Optimization and Transformation"
Novosibirsk, May 4-6, 1982. A.P. Ershov was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Scientists from socialist countries were invited
"Actual Problems of Computer Architecture and Software Development". Novosibirsk, June 17-19, 1982
"Computer application in preparation of printed production". Novosibirsk, August 18-20, 1982
Fourth All-Union Conference "Dialog-82-Micro"
Puschino; 23-25.11.1982
All-Union Conference "Automated production of application packages and compilers"
Tallinn, April 12-14 1983. A.P.Ershov was PC Chairman
Fourth All-Union Symposium "System and theoretical programming"
Kishinev, May 31 - June 2, 1983
All-Union Seminar on programming languages for microcomputers and their implementation
Novosibirsk, Akademgorodok, June 27 - July 1, 1983
Third All-Union Conference 'Dialog-83"
"Man-computer dialogue". Protvino (Moscow region), July 5-7, 1983. A.P. Ershov was vice-chairman
All-Union Conference "Application of methods of mathematical logics"
Tallinn, September 4-8, 1983
All-Union School on Mixed Computation
6-10 September 1983
All-Union conference on programming systems
Moscow, November 15-17, 1983. A.P. Ershov was PC Chairman
II All-Union Conference "High-performance Computer Systems"
Batumi, October 9-11, 1984
All-Union Seminar onProgramming Technology
"Industrial Technology of Program Development and Application in Administration and Research", Sverdlovsk, October 23-26, 1984
Conference "Methods of Translation and Program Construction"
Novosibirsk (Akademgorodok), October 29-31, 1984
All-Union Conference in Informatics
Moscow, October 29 - November 1, 1984 (A.Ershov was not able to participate due to the illness, but took active part in the Organizing Committee work on the preparation stage)
All-Union Seminar
"Computers in Educational Process and Administration", Sverdlovsk, November 15-17, 1984
All-Union Conference "Dialog 84-Micro"
"Microcomputer-based Individual Dialog Systems". Leningrad, November 20-22, 1984
All-Union Conference on Applied Logics
Novosibirsk, October 22-24, 1985. A.P. Ershov made a talk "How do ad-hoc Compiler Construct Appear in Universal Mixed Computation Processes?" (Jt. auth. M.A. Bulyonkov)
All-Union Conference "Scientific problems of new generation computer engineering"
Novosibirsk, May 1986
2-nd All-Union Conference "Technology of Programming"
Kiev, November 17-20, 1986
All-Union Conference
"Problems of perfecting program synthesis, test verification, and analysis"/ Riga, 1986
All-Union Conference
"Formal models of Parallel Computations", Novosibirsk, 1987
Meetings, Seminars and Conferences
without active Ershov's participation

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