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Conference "Time Sharing Computer Systems"
Applications for participation
Claims for conference proceedings

Direction, 22.04.1968
on excluding the conference "Time sharing systems" from the SB AS plan of conferences for 1968 and re-sheduling it for march 1969
Letter, 28.06.1968
Request to give information on the conference
Letter, 06.09.1968
Request to give information on the conference
Letter, 29.01.1969
inquiring about the possibility of participation in the coference "Time Sharing Computer Systems" and in the conference on calculus of approximations
Letter, 12.02.1969
Request to give information on the conference and other scientific events
Letter, S. I. Samoilenko->Organizing Committee, 18.02.1969
Request to prepare information about Conference presentations and decisions for publishing
Letter, 09.04.1968
Editors of the joural "Pribory dlia nauchnykh issledovanii" (Devices for scientific research) asks for the conference date in order so send over information materials about the journal

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