International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Congresses, Schools, and Colloquiums
International symposium "Mechanization of Thought Processes"
1958, England
International Congress of Mathematicians
1966, Moscow
International Symposium on the Theory of Programming,
USSR, Novosibirsk; August 7-11, 1972
The 31-st Diebold Conference
Italy, Rome, June 8-18, 1974
International Conference on Formalization of semantics of programming languages and compiler construction
GDR, Frankfurt-on-Oder; 22-28.09.1974. The documents associated with this conference are located in the section "Scientific foreign trips", group "Trip to GDR (1974)"
International Conference on Software Reliability
USA, Los Angeles, 1975. A.Ershov attended the conference in the course of his trip to USA (April, 1975).
International Summer School on Language Hierarchies and Interfaces
FRG, Munich, 23.07-02.08.1975
International Conference of Data Processing (INFOPOL)
March 22–27, 1976, Warsaw
International Research Conference on the History of Computing
June 10-15, 1976. USA, Los Alamos.
World Congress in Electrical Engineering
1977, Moscow
6th Simposium "Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science"
Sept. 5-9,1977, Tatranska Lomnica, Czechoslovakia
Fourth International Conference on Software Engineering
ICSE-IV: Munich, September 17-19, 1979. A.Ershov was the PC member
International Symposium "Algorithms in Modern Mathematics and Computer Science"
The symposium “Algorithms in Modern Mathematics and Computer Science” took place in the town of Urgench, Khorezm region of Uzbekistan, in September 16-22, 1970.
Sixth International ALLC Symposium on Computers in Literary and Linguistic Research
Cambridge; 28.03-03-04.1980. A.P.Ershov did not attend the Symposium, the group contains only one of presented papers.
6th International Conference on Software Engineering. Tokio, September 13-16, 1982. A.Ershov was a PC member
International Symposium in Mathematics
1983, Warsaw
Third International Seminar on machine translation
USSR, Moscow,December 5-10, 1983
International Conference "Databases in Computer Networks"
USSR, Moscow; February 21-23, 1984. A.P. Ershov, being the member of the Organizing Committee, did not participate in the Conference on account of the state of health
International Scientific and Technical Conference "Computer Software"
USSR, Kalinin (Tver); July 3-5, 1984. A.P. Ershov was the Chairman of the Program Conmmittee
International Symposium on the Semantics of Data Types
Sophia-Antipolis, France; 27-29.06.1984.
International Summer School on Control Flow and Data Flow - Concepts of Distributed Programming
5-18 August 1984, Germany
ICMI International Symposium
"The Influence of Conputers and Informatics on Mathematics and its Teaching"; March 25-31, 1985
MIMI-85 International Congress
"Mini- and Micro-computers and their Application". Spain, Costa Brava, June 25-28, 1985.
MFCS-86 International Symposium
"Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science". Czechoslovakia, Bratislava, 25-29.08.1986.
International Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Mixed Computation
18-24 October 1987, Denmark
Soviet-American Symposium on collaboration between the USA National Academy of Sciences and the USSR Academy of sciences
Moscow, January 1988
Other events

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