IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.4
Letter with Attachment, B. A. Wichmann->A.P. Ershov, 31.10.1978
Covering letter to the minutes of the June WG 2.4 meeting and these minutes themselves. The author informs also on the next WG meeting.
Minutes, 18.06.1979-22.06.1979
of discussions at the WG meeting held at Boulder, Colorado 18-22.06.1979.
Minutes, 14.04.1980-17.04.1980
of discussions at the WG meeting held at Brussels, 14-17.04.1980.
Draft letter, A.P. Ershov->B. A. Wichmann, 28.05.1980
Soviet participation in the WG 2.4 activities is desirable, but many obstacles arise when the matter comes to organization.
Minutes, 04.12.1980-08.12.1980
of discussions at the WG meeting held at Boston, 4-8.12.1980.
Letter with Attachments, 26.01.1982
The letter by C.Poole and two attached letters by G.Goos contain invitations to the Melbourne meeting of WG (August 1982) and describe its format and details.
Letter with Attachment, 05.11.1987
The letter contains impressions on the previous WG 2.4 meeting (in Tokyo) and invites to actively participate in its next meeting (in Paris). There is attached a classification of papers presented at the Tokyo meeting. (Doc. "Munich-6".)
Untitled List, 01.02.1982(?)
Information is given therein on several Australian researchers in informatics. The list is supposed to be connected with the Melbourne meeting of WG 2.4.
Letter on a Form, W. A. Wulf->A.P. Ershov, 27.04.1978
The author would deeply appreciate to know the intent to attend the Meeting of WG 2.4 in Twente, Netherlands.
Letter, 11.09.1981
on IFIP publication policy concerning Proceedings of Working Conferences.
Letter with Attachment, 17.05.1983
The last meeting of WG 2.4 (Phoenix, Arizona) is described, and the addressees are invited to its next meeting (Utrecht, 26-30.09.1983). The attachment contains the formal invitation to the Utrecht meeting.
Letter with Attachment, 26.05.1983
Detailed invitation to the Utrecht meeting of WG 2.4. The attachments contain forms for hotel reservation.
Proposal, 18.07.1974(?)
to TC-2 for membership in WG2.4.
Report, 11.03.1980
to the 26th meeting of TC 2 on activities of WG 2.4. (Doc. "Linz-6".)
Business Minutes, 30.03.1983
of WG 2.4 meeting (members only; Tempe, Ariz.; 24.03.1984).
Letter with Attachment, 06.05.1980
It is proposed to invite Soviet scientists to participate in WG 2.4. Attachment contains minutes of WG meeting held at Boulder, Colorado, June 1979.
Report, 03.09.1981(?)
to the Dijon meeting of TC 2 on activities of WG 2.4. (Doc. "Dijon-11".)
Letter with Attachment, B. A. Wichmann->M. Paul, 21.11.1978
The letter treats WG 2.4 problems (doc. "Baden-14"). The attachment contains a proposal for a conference "Language Design for System Implemantation" (doc "Baden-15").
Letter with Attachment, B. A. Wichmann->M. Paul, 15.06.1977
Dr. Wichmann would be grateful if Prof. Paul could propose a change of the name of WG 2.4 at the next TC-2 meeting. Proposal to TC-2 to change the name of WG 2.4 is attached. (Agenda Item 9)
Letter, G. Goos->M. Paul, 20.05.1983
with the report about activities of WG 2.4 to the 30th meeting of TC 2.

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