IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.5
Information, 01.08.1974
1)Potential Areas of Activity of Working Group on Numerical Software. 2)Project Approach to Activities. 3)Tentative Membership of IFIP WG 2.5.
Letter with Attachment, 19.06.1986
Letter inviting TC-2 members to attend WG 2.5 meeting in Chicago (14-19.07.1986). The attachment contains the draft agenda of the meeting.
Letter with Attachments, 24.05.1987
Covering letter for materials of the 14th WG 2.5 Meeting held at Como, Italy, from 22 to 24 May 1987 (Doc. "Munich-7") and these materials themselves: 1) List of Documents ("Doc. Como-1"); 2) Minutes of the Meeting ("Doc. Como-3", first pages of the summary are missing); 3) List of WG Members ("Doc. Como-4"); 4) WG 2.5 Projects ("Doc. Como-5").
Letter, J.C.T. Pool->A.P. Ershov, 05.03.1978
Author asks to confirm the possibility of holding the 6th Meeting of WG 2.5 in Novosibirsk, to provide the dates and other meeting facilities prior to April 7, 1978.
Information, 01.08.1977
A geographical distribution of invitees for the WG 2.5 meeting (December 1978).
Letter, B. Einarsson->T. B. Steel, Jr., 20.02.1974
The Organizing Committee Chairman Bo Einarsson asks to send him a list of possible names for the Working Group on Numerical Mathematical Software.
Letter, B. Einarsson->A.P. Ershov, 20.02.1974
Dr. Bo Einarsson informs on the establishment of an Organizing Committee to prepare a Working Group on Numerical Mathematical Software. The members of the Committee are listed in a letter.
Information, 01.07.1976
"Parametras for Transportable Numerical Software", prepared by the WG 2.5. (Agenda item 10.3)
Information, 29.07.1977
on WG2.5 IFIP Working Conference (December 11-15, 1978, Baden, Austria): Committees and Budget.
Report, 26.05.1982
to the 29th TC 2 meeting on activities of WG 2.5. (Doc. "Garmisch-5".) Documents concerning organization of the Working Conference "PDE Software" are attached: the ultimate Working Conference Checklist (doc. "Garmisch-6") and a Draft List of involved people (doc. "Garmisch-7").
Report, 26.05.1983
of WG 2.5 to the Technical Committee 2. (Doc. "Baden-8", "Soederkoeping-3".)
Report, 24.02.1988
of WG 2.5 to the 35th TC 2 meeting on standartization of real numbers representation in Open System Interconnection family of standards. (Doc. "Munich-8".)
Programme, 28.07.1978
(outline) of WG2.5 IFIP Working Conference "Performance Evaluation of Numerical Software" (December 11-15, 1978, Baden, Austria).
Proposals, 28.06.1976
"Intrinsic Functions to Assist FORTRAN Portability for Numeric Computation", proposed to FORTRAN Standarts Committee from IFIP WG 2.5. (Agenda item 10.3)
Proposal, 29.06.1976
"Amendments to Draft Proposed ANS FORTRAN, Specifying the Double Precision Complex Data Type". A proposal to ANS FORTRAN Standarts Committee from WG 2.5. (Agenda item 10.3)
Proposals, 09.03.1988
of WG 2.5 to the 35th TC 2 meeting on organizing a Working Conference on Non-Lingual Scientific Problem Solving. (Doc. "Munich-9".)
Proposal, 01.09.1976
"MAP Statement in FORTRAN to Assist in the Portability of Numerical Software". A proposal to ANS FORTRAN Committee from IFIP WG 2.5. (Agenda item 10.3)
Report, 07.06.1979
on activity of WG 2.5 to the Venice meeting of TC-2. A draft agenda of the next WG meeting ps attached.
Letter, Organizing Committee->A.P. Ershov, 19.03.1974
Reiteration of the letter of the 20-02-1974 about the establishment of an Organizing Committee to prepare a Working Group on Numerical Mathematical Software.
Letter with Attachments, B. Einarsson->A.P. Ershov, 29.03.1974
The letter contains the Report from the Organizing Committee on the IFIP Working Group on Numerical Mathematical Software as well as the following attachments: 1)Letter of invitation; 2)Preliminary views on the proposed WG and activities; 3)Formal Proposal of March 1974; 4)Addresses of the committee members.

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