IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.2
Letter, E. J. Neuhold->A.P. Ershov, 19.01.1978
Prof. E.Neuhold informs Working Group members about a travel support of 24 persons for the trip to Kyoto Conference and WG 2.2 Meeting, considers details of a group flight to Kyoto. A mail vote for (or against) the three-meeting absence rule of WG 2.2 is enclosed.
Letter-Reminder with Attachments, 01.06.1986(?)
Covering letter to materials concerning the Working Conference "Formal Description of Programming Concepts" (Gl. Avernaes,Denmark) and some of these materials: 1) invitation to the Conference; 2,3) registration forms; 4)information on the immediately following WG 2.2 meeting (Gl. Avernaes as well).
Minutes, 18.06.1973-20.06.1973
of the policy subcommittee of the WG (Paris, 18-20.06.1973).
Minutes, 28.08.1978-30.08.1978
of the WG meeting (Kyoto; August 1978).
List, 27.02.1966
of proposed invitees to WG 2.2 membership. (Appendix B to the Minutes of the 6th TC 2 meeting).
Membership, 05.08.1970
of WG 2.2. (Attachment 2 to the Minutes of the 12th TC 2 meeting.)
Letter, M. Paul->A.P. Ershov, 15.09.1978
concerning the possible nomination of a WG 2.2 member from the USSR.
Letter, E. J. Neuhold->T. B. Steel, Jr., 21.10.1975
The author informs of the next meeting of WG 2.2 (August 23-27, 1976 in Tampere, Finland) and future TC-2 Working Conference (August 3-6, 1977 in Canada).
Minutes, 15.10.1979-19.10.1979
of the WG meeting (Warsaw; October 1979).
Letter, E. J. Neuhold->A.P. Ershov, 19.01.1976
Information about the next meeting of WG 2.2: the date, place, agenda, and some notes on the procedure.
Minutes, 16.06.1980-20.06.1980
of the WG meeting (Lyngby, Denmark; June 1980). The document contains also information on the decease of K.Elgot.
Letter, 29.08.1980
The last WG meeting in Lyngby has been quite successive. The next one will take place in Peniscola (Spain) in April-May 1981.
Letter on a Form, E. J. Neuhold->A.P. Ershov, 05.04.1978
Prof. Neuhold writes again to members of WG 2.2 and TC-2 about details of a financial support that can be given to 24 participants of the Meeting in Kyoto.
Minutes, 27.04.1981-30.04.1981
of the WG meeting (Peniscola, Spain; April 1981). Part 2: Technical Sessions.
Minutes, 01.05.1983-05.05.1983
of the WG meeting (Venice; March 1983). Part 2: Technical Sessions.
Minutes, 28.05.1985-31.05.1985
of Administrative and Technical Sessions of the WG meeting (Passau, West Germany; May 1985).
Letter with Attachments, L. Lamport->A.P. Ershov, 17.05.1989
The author inquires whether A.Ershov is planning to attend the WG 2.2 meeting in Palo Alto (21-25.08.1989). The attachments contain information on the meeting and a hotel reservation form.
Letter with Attachments, 31.01.1986
Letter to TC 2 members with invitation to the next WG 2.2 meeting (Gl. Avernaes, 29-30.08.1986) immediately following the Working Conference on Formal Description of Programming Concepts. There are attached a list of invited observers, an information on aim and scope of WG 2.2 and a registration form.
Report, E. J. Neuhold->M. Paul, 05.08.1981
to the 28th TC 2 meeting on activities of WG 2.2. (Doc. "Dijon-10".)
Letter, E. J. Neuhold->M. Paul, 08.11.1978
concerning WG 2.2 problems (doc. "Baden-11").

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