IFIP 74 Congress
Report, 05.08.1974
An initial draft of the report "Programming in 1980's" for panel discussion.
Report (handwritten), 06.08.1974
(in English) "Programming in 1980's" for a panel discussion.
Report (handwritten), 06.08.1974
(in Russian) "Programming in 1980's"
Report (typewritten), 06.09.1974
(in Russian) "Programming in 1980's"
Records, 05.08.1974-10.08.1974
by A.Ershov at the meetings of IFIP Congress.
Information Booklet, Organizing Committee->A.P. Ershov, 09.04.1974
US Committee for IFIP Congress 74 informs of IFIP Congress will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, August 5-10, 1974.
Card, 06.08.1974(?)
with Congress IFIP-77 message.
Programme, 05.08.1974
of IFIP Congress 74 Opening Session with arrival of his Majesty the King.
Announcement, 06.08.1974
"Curious notice" by Programme Committee. All Session Chairmen should use correct "full name" of the country, not just "Germany".
Time schedule, 05.08.1974-10.08.1974
of IFIP Congress 74 Film Festival.
Call for papers, 06.08.1974(?)
International Conference "Computers in Cardiology" will be held at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, Maryland, USA) on October 2-4, 1974.
Announcement, 05.08.1974
It concerns those who have taken part in all IFIP Congresses since 1959. These participants are - by definition - Veterans of IFIP Congress (VIC). Congress-74 Committee has a special gift for VICs.
Instructions, 05.08.1974
for all Speakers, Panelists and Session Chairmen.
Announcement, 06.08.1974
Swedish Organizing Committee invites to a panel discussion on the computerization trends in society (August 6, Stockholm Concert Hall). The panelists are spokesmen from different sectors of modern culture.
Bulletin, 07.08.1974
2 of IFIP Congress 74 gives a Programme information.
Bulletin, 05.08.1974
contains the general information and programme information on Tuesday 6 august.
Bulletin, 08.08.1974-10.08.1974
3 and 4 contain the programme information. It's marked that on Friday A.P. Ershov will replace S.S. Lavrov as chairman (Section "Programming Methology").
Description, 10.08.1974
of the computer programme CHESS 4.0.
Envelope and note, 08.08.1974(?)
Author thanks A.Ershov for the cards left for him.
Card, 08.08.1974(?)
with information about "a young couple as guests of a doctor Aner"

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