Working Conference on Graphic Languages
Proposal, 25.03.1971
for the Conference.
Notes, 08.09.1970-14.04.1972
numbered from 2 to 9 and issued in the course of organization of the Conference.
Personal Invitation and Call for a Paper, 12.08.1971
Adressees are asked to participate at the Conference on Graphic Languages.
Form, 01.09.1971(?)
for a responce of persons invited to the Conference.
Standard Letter, 04.11.1971
asking to confirm or not to confirm one's participation at the Conference.
Notification, 12.01.1972
on the acception of the addressee's paper for presentation at the Conference.
Standard Letter, 07.02.1972
asking to send the abstract of the paper to be presented by the addressee at the Conference.
Proposal, 02.07.1970
to hold a working conference on graphical languages. (Attachment 7 to the Minutes of the 12th TC 2 meeting.)
Standard Letter with Attachment, F. Nake->A. Rosenfeld, 14.02.1972
The letter contains an updated information on the Conference. Attachments contain a preliminary list of papers to be presented, and a form for an announcement on contribution to delegate's airfair.
Stabdard Letter, 01.03.1972(?)
with an information which should help the addressee in making his decision whether or not to request an invitation to the Conference.
Letter with Attachments, 04.04.1972
The letter concerns arrival and placing problems of the Conference participants. The attachments contain the tentative program of the Conference and a form for participats' Arrival Information.
Form, 11.04.1972
for a request on audio-visual equipment needed by an author of paper in the course of his presentation at the conference.
Information, 01.05.1972
for the participants of the Conference (the last prior to it).
Booklet, 22.05.1972
with information on the conference.
Information, 22.05.1972
for the participants of the Conference (at their arrival).
Letter, 22.05.1972
to speakers and session chairmen concerning recording in the course of the Conference and other organizational issues.
Form, 22.05.1972
for suggestions of the conference participants as to plans for the "Informal Friday".
Form, 22.05.1972
for the conference participants' statements on their travel expenses (to be partially reimbursed).
Announcement, 22.05.1972
on collecting problems which concern the development of graphic languages.
List of Events, 26.05.1972
to be held on "Informal Friday" of the conference.

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