IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.6
Letter, 05.09.1986
informing on the WG 2.6 Business Meeting (Albufeira, Portugal, 8-9.11.1986) to be held just after the DS-2 Working Conference.
Letter, 10.02.1986
containing a detailed announcement on the Palo Alto meeting of TC-2. The letter informs also on WG 2.6 Menlo Park meeting and WG 2.7 Princeton meeting, both to be held in the week following the TC-2 meeting.
Item 2. (Name does not exist in this language.)
Letter, J. M. Bennett->M. Paul, 27.04.1979
of IFIP Trustee to the TC-2 Chairman concerning current problems of the Committee and its interaction with TC-2, ISO and North-Holland Publishing House (doc. "Venice-2").
Letter on a Form, G. M. Nijssen->T. B. Steel, Jr., 06.01.1976
The Chairman of WG 2.6 G.M.Nijssen sends a report on a Group work during the period: September 1, 1975 - January 1, 1976.
Letter on a Form, G. M. Nijssen->T. B. Steel, Jr., 06.01.1976
G.M.Nijssen requests TC-2 to approve a TC-2 sponsored Conference on Database Technology to be held in Switzerland, January 1977 and the second one (on the same topics) to be held in January 1978, probably France.
Letter with Attachment, 27.05.1982
Chairman of WG 2.6 G.M.Nijssen nominates Dr. E.F.Falkenberg as secretary of the Group and as his proxy at the 29th TC 2 meeting. (Doc. "Garmisch-8".) There is attached the Report to the TC 2 meeting on activities of WG 2.6 (doc. "Garmisch-9").
List, 06.01.1976(?)
of participants of WG2.6 meetings.
List, 01.06.1982(?)
"New IFIP WG 2.6 members". (Document of the 29th TC 2 meeting, marked as "Garmisch-10".)
Letter with attachment, G. M. Nijssen->J. M. Gallitano, 23.04.1980
Covering letter for the Report to the 26th meeting of TC 2 on activities of WG 2.6, and the Report itself. The author informs also that he cannot attend the TC 2 meeting. (Doc. "Linz-9".)
Letters, G. M. Nijssen->M. Paul, 30.05.1983(?)
The chairman of WG 2.6 resigns and proposes the person of his successor. (Doc. "Baden-14".) The latter is nominated as representative of WG 2.6 in the TC-2 meeting. The secretary of the WG resigns also.
Letter with Attacment, G. M. Nijssen->M. Paul, 30.11.1978
The letter gives the positive answer to a request for refeering, and the attachment contains a short report of WG 2.6 to the TC-2 24th meeting (doc. "Baden-18").
Letter, G. M. Nijssen->M. Paul, 29.06.1977
Dr. G.M. Nijssen asks Dr. M.Paul to propose to the Counsel to give a $2000 aid to have a WG 2.6 meeting in Israel in August 1978. (Agenda Item 11.3.4)
Report, 06.04.1987(?)
of WG 2.5 to the St.Pierre TC-2 meeting. (Doc. "St.Pierre-24".)
Preliminary Materials, 24.03.1987(?)
of a Working Conference on Visual Database Systems. (Doc. "St.Pierre-26".)

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