3rd Working Conference "Formal Description of Programming Concepts"
Letter-Reminder with Attachments, 01.06.1986(?)
Covering letter to materials concerning the Working Conference "Formal Description of Programming Concepts" (Gl. Avernaes,Denmark) and some of these materials: 1) invitation to the Conference; 2,3) registration forms; 4)information on the immediately following WG 2.2 meeting (Gl. Avernaes as well).
Letter with Attachments, 31.01.1986
Letter to TC 2 members with invitation to the next WG 2.2 meeting (Gl. Avernaes, 29-30.08.1986) immediately following the Working Conference on Formal Description of Programming Concepts. There are attached a list of invited observers, an information on aim and scope of WG 2.2 and a registration form.
Letter with Attachments, E. J. Neuhold->R. E. A. Mason, 08.09.1986
Information on WG 2.2 activity during the last week of August 1986. There are attached data on persons proposed for membership in the Working Group, and minutes of the WG meeting (Denmark, 27-30.08.1986, both administrative and technical sessions). (Doc. "St.Pierre-15".}

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