IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.3
List of attendance, 17.03.1980
at WG 2.3 meetings (as on March 1978).
Article, 09.07.1976
"A History of IFIP WG 2.3, 1969-1976". There are enclosed "Proposals" made when WG 2.3 was initiated.
Report, 17.03.1980
to the Linz meeting of Technical Committee 2 on the 14th Meeting of WG 2.3.
Letter with Attachment, 17.11.1980(?)
Information on the Brussels meeting of TC 2 (January 7-8,1981). A leaflet is attached concerning the immediately following WG 2.3 meeting (Les Masures near Brussels, January 8-12).
Report, 08.12.1978
of Working Group 2.3 to the 24th meeting of TC-2 (doc. "Baden-2").
Report, 08.12.1979
of Working Group 2.3 on its thirteenth meeting (in Warwick) to the 24th meeting of TC-2 (doc. "Baden-3").
Minutes, 27.08.1979-31.08.1979
of the 14th meeting of WG 2.3.
Report, 12.07.1977
of WG 2.3 to the 22nd meeting of TC-2 (Agenda Item 8) with Ershov's remarks.
Letter, W. M. McKeeman->M. Paul..., 29.08.1979
The Programming Methodology Lecture Series has been brought to a successive conclusion. The unusial productivity of the Santa Cruz WG meeting was partly due to the Lecture Series activities. Thanks for the fellowships provided by IFIP and a report on how money was used.
Letter, 26.04.1982
Invitation to the next WG 2.3 meeting which is to be held in New Paltz, NY in September 1982. (A document of the 29th TC 2 meeting, marked as "Garmisch-3.")
Letter on a Form, J. J. Horning->A.P. Ershov, 31.03.1978
This is an amplification of Agenda Item 8 (concerning WG 2.3) for the Twenty-third Meeting of TC-2.
Letter with Attachments, 25.11.1986(?)
The letter informs that the 22nd meeting of WG 2.3 in Habay-la-Neuve "went well". The attachments contain the list of the given talks and the WG up-to-date mailing list. (Doc. "Munich-4".)
Membership, 24.10.1969
of WG 2.3. (Attachment 2 to the Minutes of the 11th TC 2 meeting.)
Membership, 05.08.1970
of WG 2.3. (Attachment 3 to the Minutes of the 12th TC 2 meeting.)
Proposed Scope, 24.10.1969
of WG 2.3. (Attachment 3 to the Minutes of the 11th TC 2 meeting.)
Letter, A. Mili->C. B. Jones, 04.01.1988
on WG 2.3 sponsorship for the Tenth Tunisian/French Computer Science Conference. (Doc. "Munich-5".)
Proposal, 17.01.1969
for an IFIP Working Group 2.3 on requiments on programming tools. (From the materials of the TC 2 10th meeting.)
Report, 12.07.1977
of WG 2.3 to the 22nd meeting of TC-2.
Information, 12.07.1977(?)
for potential observers of WG 2.3 Meetings on Programming Methology: membership, proposed contents of a Collection of Papers in the Domain of WG 2.3 and Scope of this group.
Letter, M. Woodger ->T. B. Steel, Jr., 09.12.1975
M.Woodger replies to the T.Steel's letter of 02.12.75 and informs of his own disability to attend the TC-2 Meeting.

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