IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.1
WG 2.1 1st Meeting
Munich; August 1962.
WG 2.1 2nd Meeting
Delft, Netherlands; September 1963.
WG 2.1 3rd Meeting
Tutzing, FRG; March 1964
WG 2.1 4th Meeting
Baden; September 1964.
WG 2.1 5th Meeting
Princeton; May 1965.
WG 2.1 6th Meeting
St Pierre de Chartreuse; October 1965.
WG 2.1 7th Meeting
Warsaw; October 1966.
WG 2.1 8th Meeting
Zandvoort, Netherlands; May 1967.
WG 2.1 9th Meeting
Tirrenia (near Pisa); June 1968.
WG 2.1 10th Meeting
North Berwick, Scotland; July 1968.
WG 2.1 11th Meeting
Munich; December 1968.
WG 2.1 12th Meeting
Banff; September 1969.
WG 2.1 13th Meeting
Habay-la-Neuve; July 1968
WG 2.1 14th Meeting
Manchester; March 1971.
WG 2.1 15th Meeting
Novosibirsk; August 1971.
WG 2.1 Meeting, Nov.1971
WG 2.1 Meeting, Febr.1972
WG 2.1 16th Meeting
Fontainebleau; April 1972.
WG 2.1 17th Meeting
Vienna; November 1972.
WG 2.1 18th Meeting
Dresden; April 1973.
WG 2.1 19th Meeting
Los Angeles; September 1973.
WG 2.1 20th Meeting
Breukelen, Netherlands; August 1974.
WG 2.1 21th Meeting
Munich; August 1975
WG 2.1 22nd Meeting
St. Pierre de Chartreuse, France; August-September 1976.
WG 2.1 23rd Meeting
Oxford; December 1977.
WG 2.1 24th Meeting
Jablonna, Poland; 1978.
WG 2.1 25th Meeting
Summit, NJ; April 1979.
WG 2.1 26th Meeting
Brussels; December 1979.
WG 2.1 27th Meeting
Wheeling, USA; 1980.
WG 2.1 28th Meeting
Nijmegen, Netherlands; 1981.
WG 2.1 29th Meeting
Newbury, UK; 1982.
WG 2.1 30th Meeting
New York; 1982.
WG 2.1 31st Meeting
Munich; May 1983. Ershov did not attend.
WG 2.1 32nd Meeting
Catalina, CA; January 1984. Ershov did not attend.
WG 2.1 33rd Meeting
Pont-a-Mousson; September 1984. Ershov did not attend.
WG 2.1 34th Meeting
Utrecht; April 1985. Ershov did not attend.
WG 2.1 36th Meeting
Malvern, Great Britain; 22-26.09.1986.
WG 2.1 37th Meeting
Montreal; 18-22.05.1987.
WG 2.1 38th Meeting
Rome; 14-18.03.1988. Ershov did not attend.
Activity Reports of WG 2.1
Other materials of WG 2.1

of members of IFIP Technical Committees 1, 2 and 3 and of Working Group 1.1.
Activity Report, 29.10.1965
of the WG 2.1 concerning its 6th meeting (Appendix A to the Minutes of the 6th TC2 meeting).
Letter, 22.04.1966
to WG 2.1 members on the Kootwijk meeting of the subcommittee on ALGOL 66. (Appendix A to the Minutes of the 7th TC 2 meeting).
Membership, 05.08.1970
of WG 2.1. (Attachment 1 to the Minutes of the 12th TC 2 meeting.)
Membership, 24.10.1969
of WG 2.1. (Attachment 1 to the Minutes of the 11th TC 2 meeting.)
Activity Report, 02.05.1971
11 of WG 2.1 to the 13th meeting of TC-2.
Activity Report, 01.08.1970
10 of WG 2.1. (Attachment 4 to the Minutes of the 12th TC 2 meeting.)
Letter, E. J. Neuhold->M. Paul, 28.09.1982
on decisions taken by WG 2.1. (Doc. "Baden-5".)
Proposal, 05.08.1970
on scope of WG 2.1. (Attachment 5 to the Minutes of the 12th TC 2 meeting.)
Covering Letter, 22.04.1964
for the corrected copy on the final documents on SUBSET ALGOL 60 and on Input/Output. (Addressed to WG 2.1 members and presented at the Prague TC2 meeting.)
Letter with Attachment, S. A. Schuman->M. Paul, 15.04.1977
The author urges all members of WG 2.1 to attend a WG 2.1 meeting to decide the real problems of the group. The meeting will be held on 16-18 May 1977 in conjunction with the 5th annual III Conference at Guidel in France. An announcement of this Conference is attached. (Agenda Item 6.3)
Minority Report, 01.01.1969(?)
of WG 2.1 Subcommittee on needs of ALGOL 60 users. (Attachment 7 to the Minutes of the 10th TC 2 meeting.)
Letter, M. Paul->A.P. Ershov, 25.05.1981
to the members of the Technical Commission 2 of IFIP with request for a mail ballot on international standardization of ALGOL 68. Copy addressed to A.P.Ershov.
Letter, Ch. H. Lindsey->T. B. Steel, Jr., 02.04.1974
Editor C.H.Lindsey reports on the current state of the ALGOL Bulletin.
Materials, 18.07.1974
Scope and Membership of WG-2.1 (ALGOL) and WG-2.2 (Programming Language Description) are represented.
Letter with Attachments, S. A. Schuman->o the members of IFIP WG 2.1, 26.06.1975
The author asks comments concerning the proposed organization of the meeting in Munich on 25-29 August, 1975, as well as the current list of participants. A preliminary programme of the conference and a list of members attending meeting are enclosed.

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