Working Conference "Constructing Quality Software"
National Organizing Committee
International authority CQS1977
Applications for participation
Organizational correspondence CQS 1976
Organizational correspondence CQS 1976
Report on CQS 1977
Proceedings publication
Miscellaneous CQS 1977
Talk by Ershov and Chinin
"Design Specifications of a Quality Compiler Factory"
Correspondence with participants

Item, 12.10.1977
for "Za Nauku v Sibiri" about IFIP Working conference in Akademgorodok
Information, 23.05.1977-28.05.1977
of Working Conference on Constructing Quality Software (Novosibirsk, USSR, 1977, May 23-28): 1)Program Description; 2)Budget; 3)List of invitees. (Agenda item 9.2.1)
Photograph, 23.05.1977
Ershov during a coffee break at the IFIP 1977 Conference

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