IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.7
Letter, R. A. Pocock (Zobel-Pocock)->A.P. Ershov, 29.07.1980
Preliminary letter to members of Technical Committee 2 concerning the planned Woods Hole Working Conference on command languages and related interfaces.
Announcements, 12.01.1987-02.03.1987
on meetings of WG 2.7 (30.03-3.04.1987) and TC-2 (6-7.04.1987) in St.Pierre de Chartreuse (near Grenoble). There are attached trip information and hotel advertisement.
Letter with Attachment, C. Unger->A.P. Ershov, 10.12.1987
At its next meeting in Munich, WG 2.7 has to discuss preparing the Conference "Foundations of Human-Computer Communication". The addressee is asked to nominate invitees from his country. There is attached a draft of the Call of Papers.
Letter, 10.02.1986
containing a detailed announcement on the Palo Alto meeting of TC-2. The letter informs also on WG 2.6 Menlo Park meeting and WG 2.7 Princeton meeting, both to be held in the week following the TC-2 meeting.
Letter, 17.12.1980
to members of Technical Committee 2 concerning the planned Woods Hole Working Conference on command language and related interfaces.
Letter, R. A. Pocock (Zobel-Pocock)->M. Paul, 25.02.1982
WG 2.7 submits to the 29th TC 2 meeting its decisions, particularly concerning unsuccesses in arranging the Third Working Conference on Command Languages and Related Interfaces. (Doc. "Garmisch-12".)
Letter with Attachment, 15.05.1981
Covering letter for the revised invitation list of the Woods Hole Working Conference on command languages and related interfaces, and this list itself. The latter is to be submitted to the 28th meeting of TC 2.
Letter, 07.04.1982
to the members of WG 2.7 concerning the next chairman of the Group. (Document of the 29th meeting of TC 2, marked as "Garmisch-11".)
Minutes, 26.06.1978
of the WG-2.7 Meeting held from 10th April 1978 till 13th April 1978 in Oxford.
List, 06.01.1976
of WG 2.7 Organizing Committee.
Letter with Attachment, J. McKehan->A.P. Ershov, 10.08.1981
Personal invitation to attend the Working Conference. The form for a response is attached.
Proposal, 24.07.1974(?)
TC-2 authorized the establishment of an Organizing Committee for a new Working Group (WG2.7).
Letter with Attachment, F. R. Hertweck->T. B. Steel, Jr., 15.12.1975
Prof. Hertweck regrets not to be able to participate in the TC-2 meeting in Freudenstadt and proposes the list of WG 2.7 members for the TC-2 disposal.
Invitation List, 20.11.1978
of the Working Group 2.7.
Letter with Attachments, 21.11.1980
Information on the Working Conference "Program Language and Related Interfaces". There are attached a form for participation and a preliminary invitation list. Submitted to the 27th TC 2 meeting. (Doc. "Brussels-12".)
List, 10.09.1979
of WG 2.7 members and of the Working Conference (Berchtesgarden) invitees.
Letter on a Form and Attachments, M. Paul->A.P. Ershov, 20.01.1988
The author informs of the TC-2 meeting to be held in Munich, March 28-29, and of the WG 2.7 meeting during previous week. He suggests to fill in the enclosed reservation and registration forms ASAP.
Report, 25.08.1986-20.02.1987
of WG 2.7 to the St.Pierre de Chartreuse TC 2 meeting, consisting of the agenda of the WG meeting (ibidem, 30.03-3.04.1987) and the minutes of the preceeding WG meeting (Dublin, 25-27.08.1986). (Doc. "St.Pierre-27".)
Minutes, 30.03.1987-03.04.1987
of the WG 2.7 meeting held in St.Pierre de Chartreuse, 30.03-3.04.1987. (Doc. "St.Pierre-28".)

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