Software Projects
The ALPHA Project
Internal language
Coding, 26.09.1963
of the Input language
Specification, 06.08.1962-09.08.1962
of the Input language
Working notes, 17.03.1962-04.08.1962
Dofferent information on the Input language
Description, 27.01.1962-13.03.1962
of the Input language syntax and semantics ("Expired" materials)
Description, 08.10.1962
of the 15-bit code
Procedures numbers, 29.10.1962
in the 22-bit code
Translation block, 17.01.1964-10.03.1964
from Intermediate language (22-bit code) into Internal language (15-bit code)
Description, 20.10.1962
of the 22-bit code ("Expired" materials)
Tables, 16.10.1962
of the 22-bit code

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