School Informatics
"Shkol'nitsa" system
Technical documentation
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 29.03.1985(?)
Program description
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 29.03.1985(?)
Specification; exploitation records list; source code; logbook; application manual
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 02.12.1983
File system; programmer's manual
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 07.12.1983
File system; application manual
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 30.11.1983
Program description (semantic blocks)
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 30.11.1983
Program description (complex structures' processing)
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 15.12.1979(?)
Basic programming notions (teaching aid on Robik) Part 1.
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 15.12.1979
Basic programming notions (teaching aid on Robik) Part2.
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 29.03.1985(?)
Robik (language specification)
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 30.11.1983
The Robic language description
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 04.03.1983
Technical design project
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 30.12.1982
Hardware development requirements
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 29.12.1982
Requirements to hardware introduced to schools
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 29.03.1985
Rapira (language specification)
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 29.03.1985
Final report
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 24.09.1985
Design project (for "Irisha"-type computers)
AP “Shkol’nitsa”, 24.09.1985
Design project (for Electronika-60 -type computers)
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