IFIP/TC 2/WG 2.1
WG 2.1 29th Meeting
Covering letter, P. R. King->o the members of IFIP WG 2.1, 27.04.1982
to the copy of the minutes of the 29th Meeting of WG 2.1 and a copy of the current address list
Letter, R. B. K. Dewar->o the members of IFIP WG 2.1, 10.11.1981
on the use of SETL system
Letter, 03.12.1981
to Members and Observers of WG 2.1 concerning new directions that the WG should take. A partial list of issues to be considered at the forthcoming WG meeting is proposed.
Letter with Attachment, P. R. King->M. Paul, 10.05.1983
Covering letter for a report on activities of WG 2.1 since January 1982 and this report itself. (Doc. "Baden-4".)
List, 04.01.1982-08.01.1982
IFIP WG 2.1 members mailing list
Minutes, 13.10.1981
of the meeting in Newbury of the IFIP WG 2.1. Subcommittee on Algol 68 support
Minutes, 04.01.1982-08.01.1982
of the 29th IFIG WG 2.1 Meeting
Notification, 05.11.1981
of the 29th meeting

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