Scientific Work
1984 Works
"Programming as a new knowledge and a new skill"
published in "Izvestiya" newspaper under the title "Man and computer", 03.02.1984
Article "Office automation"
published in"Mikroprocessornye sredstva i sistemy" journal, 2, 1984.
"Scientific foundations of conclusive programming"
published in "Vestnik AN SSSR" journal, 10, 1984.

Article, 14.07.1984
"Contribution to the theory and practice of artificial intelligence" about V.M.Matrosov. Published in "Nauka v Sibiri" weekly newspaper
Memo, 13.07.1984(?)
on the reserach group working of the Irkutsk Computing Center headed by V.M. Matrosov (used for the newspaper article)
Article, 20.01.1984
Article (draft), 30.09.1983-01.10.1983

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