International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Congresses, Schools, and Colloquiums
The 31-st Diebold Conference
Photograph, 10.06.1974
A.Ershov during an excursion to Coliseum
handwritten plan of the talk
Note, 11.06.1974
informing of a phone call from Olivetti representative
Working Notes
Information about Soviet Embassy in Rome
Working Material, 18.06.1974
received during the visit to Olivetti company
Programme, 11.06.1974-14.06.1974
of the Conference
Questionnaire, 11.06.1974
Ershov's comments to the talks at the conference
Information letter, 10.06.1974
on the two-day Conference "Protecting you business against espionage and corruption" to be held in Montreux, Switzerland on 22-23 October 1974 and sponsored by Diebold Europa
Working Documents, 11.06.1974
of the Conference (iforation for participants, questionnaire)
Working Notes, 11.06.1974
made in Italy

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