Software Projects
The "RUBIN" Project
Miscellaneous documents
Block diagrams, text and graphics samples made on MRAMOR, etc.
Names of some "Pravda" Publishers' staff members
Note, Unknown Author->A.P. Ershov
asking to call the director of "Voskhod" Research Institute anytime during a visit to Moscow
on writing a registration sertificate for the RETRO system material
of some "Pravda" members of staff
Decision, 18.03.1981
of the USSR SCST and AS "Organization of works on creation of a standard system for all-round automation of ediorial and publishing engineering processes"
Association agreement, 11.03.1981
between the USSR State Committee on Publishing and the Kurchatov's Institute of Atomic Energy
Phone numbers, 21.04.1981
of the "Pravda" staff members
Member list, 29.10.1980
of RUBIN research and technical board (29.10.80)

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