Andrei Petrovich Ershov
Birth date: 19.04.1931 Death date: 08.12.1988
City: Novosibirsk
from: 01.09.1949 to: 01.07.1954 Student Moscow University
from: 01.10.1953 to: 01.10.1955 Junior Research Fellow IPMCE
from: 01.10.1954 to: 01.10.1957 Post-graduate Moscow University
from: 01.10.1955 to: 01.10.1957 Senior Engineer Computing Center of the USSR Ac. Sci.
from: 01.10.1957 to: 01.04.1960 Head of Theoretical Programming Department Computing Center of the USSR Ac. Sci.
from: 01.04.1960 to: 01.01.1963 Head of Programming Department Inst. of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Ac. Sci.
on: 01.01.1962 USSR Representative IFIP
on: 25.01.1962 Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
from: 01.01.1964 to: 22.04.1971 Head of Programming Department CC SB RAS
on: 18.01.1964 Chairman of Local Trade-Union Committee CC SB RAS
on: 01.01.1965 Member of the ACM
on: 05.04.1966 Senior Research Fellow
on: 31.05.1968 Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
from: 01.09.1968 to: 08.12.1988 Professor Novosibirsk State Univ.
from: 01.01.1969 to: 31.12.1971 Deputy Director Design Office of System Programming
on: 24.11.1970 Corresponding Member USSR Ac. Sci.
from: 22.04.1971 to: 21.01.1977 Head of the Informatics Branch CC SB RAS
from: 01.01.1972 to: 31.12.1982 Deputy Director Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computer Engineering, Novosibirsk Branch
on: 17.09.1975 Bearer of the Order of the Earned Red Banner
on: 01.01.1976 Honoured Member of Britain Computer Society
on: 28.04.1976 Chairman Provisional Commission on ALGOL 68 (USSR)
from: 21.01.1977 to: 08.12.1988 Head of Imformatics Department CC SB RAS
on: 13.05.1981 Bearer of the Order "Sign of Honour"
on: 23.02.1984 Laureate of the A.N.Krylov Prize
on: 26.12.1984 Academician USSR Ac. Sci.
on: 16.04.1985 Laureate of the Prize of USSR Council of Ministers
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