Incoming foreign mail (1975)
Note, 18.11.1975
Letter, A. Mazurkiewicz ->A.P. Ershov, 27.11.1975
The author is worried that there is a time clash of Dijkstra's prospective visit to Moscow with the Symposium in Gdansk, and once again invites Ershov to come to the Symposium and meet Dijkstra there
Letter, M. Salmon->A.P. Ershov, 06.11.1975
telling about Olivetti industrial robot project "Sigma" and asking about Soviet works in the industrial robots field (the letter was answered by V.Piatkin; his reply in enclosed)
Letter, Ph. Dreyfus->A.P. Ershov, 06.11.1975
Letter, B. Randell->A.P. Ershov..., 18.11.1975
Letter, T. B. Steel, Jr.->A.P. Ershov, 11.11.1975
Letter, K. Skulski->A.P. Ershov, 11.11.1975
Letter, M. C. Ashill->A.P. Ershov, 18.11.1975
Letter, B. Kendzya->A.P. Ershov, 04.11.1975
Letter, C. Boon->A.P. Ershov, 17.10.1975
Information, H. Georgi->A.P. Ershov, 15.11.1975
Letter with attacnment, F. R. Hertweck->A.P. Ershov, 01.09.1975
Covering note, P. Chatelin->A.P. Ershov, 18.12.1975(?)
to the gift for Soviet friends
Letter with attachment, L. Duvall->A.P. Ershov, 18.07.1975
Covering letter (hand-written), Kees Koster->A.P. Ershov, 10.12.1975
to the hand-written copy of the paper for the Symposium Proceedings
Letter, K. G. Bachmann->A.P. Ershov, 18.11.1975
Letter with attachment, F. Goldstein->A.P. Ershov, 06.11.1975
Covering memo, 22.12.1975
Covering letter (hand-written), J. Kral->A.P. Ershov, 22.12.1975
Letter, Z. Pawlak->A.P. Ershov, 02.12.1975

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