Ershov's Personal File
Certificate, 04.10.1974
of conferring a title of Distinguished Member of British Computing Society on A.P. Ershov
Certificate of awarding the A.N. Krylov Prize to A.P. Ershov, 23.02.1984
for a series of works “Mixed computation theory and application”
Certificate of the Laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers Prize, 16.04.1985
for development and application to production of an up-to-date technology and a system for computer program automated design
Certificate copy, 30.06.1954
of graduating at the Moscow State University
Certificate copy, 24.11.1970
of electing A.P. Ershov a Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences
Certificate copy, 25.01.1962
of Candidate of Sciences Degree
Certificate copy, 04.02.1966
of confirmation of an academic status of Senior Research Fellow
Certificate copy, 14.01.1971
Professor certificate
Certificate copy, 15.07.1968
of Doctor's Degree in Physics and Mathematics
Certificate, 24.12.1984
of a Full Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences

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