Scientific Manpower Training
Post-graduate study
N.A. Sadovskaya
Personal plan, 17.11.1975-20.02.1977
Evaluation card, 01.02.1979
Letter, V. A. Romenets->A.P. Ershov, 04.12.1979
on sending N.Sadovskaya on assignment to a seminar at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys
Letter, A. M. Dovgyallo->A.P. Ershov, 04.11.1978
Letter with attachment, N. A. Sadovskaya->A.P. Ershov, 13.07.1979
Report, 30.10.1979
Letter, V. A. Romenets->A.P. Ershov, 14.01.1980
Note, N. A. Sadovskaya->A.P. Ershov, 17.06.1981
Letter, A.P. Ershov->B. A. Saveliev
Letter, A.P. Ershov->A. M. Dovgyallo, 01.09.1978(?)

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