Scientific foreign trips
Files on cancelled trips
Other cancelled trips
Visit Programme, 10.07.1961(?)
Letter, S. L. Sobolev->M. A. Lavrentiev, 01.02.1962
Directions, S. L. Sobolev->A.P. Ershov, 01.02.1962
of A.Ershov's visit to England
Justification, 06.05.1963
of the trip to Italy for reading lectures and studying works in the theory of programming
Justification and Directions, 02.01.1964(?)
Jastification and Directions, 01.06.1964(?)
Covering letter with attachment, G. I. Marchuk->M. A. Lavrentiev, 03.08.1967
informing of sending forward Ershov's foreign trip file for his prospecive visit to Mexico. Enclosed are the trip justification and directives
Letter with attachment, G. I. Marchuk->M. A. Lavrentiev, 27.04.1968
Item 11. (Name does not exist in this language.)
Letter with attachment, G. I. Marchuk->M. A. Lavrentiev, 15.05.1969
Traveller's documents, G. I. Marchuk->A.P. Ershov, 13.03.1970
Letter, 31.07.1970
Request to exclude from the Soviet delegation to the Symposium on large systems (Warsaw, August 14-20, 1970)A.Ershov, who can not go due to the family matters
Official trip documents, 07.05.1971
Letter, G. I. Marchuk->M. A. Lavrentiev, 20.09.1971
Program, 13.02.1960
of A.Ershov's and Ju. Cherevychnik's visit to Poland
Letter with attachment, N. I. Belyaev->I. I. Nedlin, 24.02.1975
Informing of receiving the invitation to Ershov to visit USA as part of the inter-academy exchange program; the invitation is enclosed
Letter (translation), J. T. Schwartz->A.P. Ershov, 20.01.1976
Invitation to visit the Institute during Ershov's stay in New York
Information, 01.03.1976
about international conference on Algol 68
Program, 03.03.1962
of A.Ershov's visit to the USA

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