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The Provisional —ommission on ALGOL 68
Letter with an attachment
Letter with an attachment
The director of the Computing Center proposes to create the Commission on problems of ALGOL 68.
Date: 01.11.1974(?)
Original document language: russian
Authors: Andrei Petrovich Ershov, Guri I. Marchuk
Organizations: State Committee on Science and Technology, Board of Comp. Machinery and Control Systems
Persons: Vladimir M. Kurochkin, Yu. Baraboshkin, A. A. Baehrs, Andrei Petrovich Ershov, Eduard Z. Lyubimsky, A. F. Rar, Grigori S. Tseitin, Ekaterina Logvinovna Yuschenko, Alexander N. Maslov, Boris A. Babayan, Gennadii Dmitrievich Chinin
Addressee: Bashir I. Rameev

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