Documents associated with A. A. Baehrs

Letter, M. Paul->A.P. Ershov, 28.10.1971
The author thanks A.Ershov and his colleagues for a hearty welcome during his visit to Akademgorodok to attend the IFIR Working Group meeting
Item 1. (Name does not exist in this language.)
BETA/T-01, 15.04.1970(?)
Translation into Russsian of the article "The structural composition of semantics in ALGOL 68". Translated by S.Pokrovskiy, edited by A.Baehrs
Pilot Project, 25.06.1976
of the SAPPHIRE system
Preliminary design, 28.03.1977
of the SAPPHIRE system
Requirements specification, 15.03.1982-29.06.1982
for the application package "Preparation of book editions for photo-typesetting on ES computers (SAPPHIRE)"
Cost accounting
for the contract 22 by stages and years (1975-1979)
Information, 25.06.1980
on the state of works on SAPPHIRE system by 25.06.80
Classifier, 25.08.1975
of documents and materials in SAPPHIRE system
Article, 01.07.1980(?)
"RUBIN - a data-processing system for "Pravda" newspaper" - in the collection "Applied methods in informatics" edited by A.P.Ershov
Article, 01.04.1981(?)
"Software for printing types reproduction" - in the collection "Experimantal Informatics" edited by A.P. Ershov
Article, 01.07.1982
"Mail development principles of a microprocessors programming system" - in the collection "Software for informatics problems" edited by A.P. Ershov
Article, 01.08.1983(?)
"A high-level programming system with mixed computations for personal microprocessor complexes" - in the Proceedings of the conference "Actual problems of computer architecture and software development" edited by V.E. Kotov
Article, 01.09.1984
"Architecture of a multifunctional workstation for the editors" - in the collection "Personal computers in informatics problems" edited by A.P. Ershov
Memo, 30.11.1979
on the state of works on SAPPHIRE system by 30.11.79. Some delay is caused by small amount of computer time and by the fact that a new computer (in substitution of ES-1050) has not been delivered yet
Abstracts, 01.07.1985(?)
of the five papers submitted to the regional conference "Microprocessor systems and personal computers", Smolensk, 1985
Theses to the General Plan, 24.02.1978
report materials on the subject "Elaboration of basic data for the General Plan of "Pravda" data-processing system"; the work is carried out by SBAS Computing Center as a socialist obligation development"
Memo, A. A. Baehrs->A.P. Ershov, 31.10.1979
on the progress in drawin up an agreement for scientific and technical cooperation in RUBIN system development
Pilot Project, 15.07.1981
"Architecture of a modular microprocessor system of a workstation complex"
Particular requirements specification (Ver. 06.1982), 16.06.1982
of the RUBIN system peripheral application software

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