Documents associated with Valentin A. Turchin

The Cybernetic Manifesto. October 1989
Call for papers
"Cybernetics and Human Values". A Symposium at: 8th International Congress of Cybernetics and Systems, June 11-15, 1989, Hunter College, City Unoversity of New York
Presentation, 01.01.1983(?)
Application for A.N. Krylov Prize nomination (hand-written and type-written copies)
Session B
O.K. Daugavet et al:"Translator from SIMULA simulation language into Algol-60"; S.S. Kamynin. E.Z. Liubimskiy, V.L. Ushkova "A universal programming scheme"; V.M. Kurochkin et al:"BESM-Algol system"; S.A. Romanenko, V.F. Turchin: "REFAL compiler"; N.N. Govorun et al: "On software for the measuring and computing system OIYI-Dubna"; S.V. Briskina, L.F. Lebedev, L.I. Luneva "Modification of an IPM autocode translating program for M-220"; B.A. Kniazev, A.I. Maklakov: "Unified implementation of I/O procedures for ALGAMS and FORTRAN languages"; M.G. Gonza "On one parametric translating system"
Short Report, 22.12.1977-29.12.1977
on the trip to Canada. Both handwritten and typewritten texts.
Article, 29.12.1971
Abstract (hand-written), 20.10.1987
of Turchin's talk on supercompilation
Letter, V. F. Turchin->A.P. Ershov, 26.01.1967
Letter, V. F. Turchin->A.P. Ershov, 08.02.1972
About the new address, REFAL news, invitation to visit.
Notes (hand-written), 22.10.1987-23.10.1987
first notes during the panel discussion
"REFAL compiler"
Petition, 01.08.1977
on behalf of Scharansky and Turchin.
Letter, A.P. Ershov->L. D. Raikov, 23.06.1975
Letter, A.P. Ershov->G. Kh. Babich, 16.12.1971
A paper, 20.03.1987
from the "Computing" journal devoted to the theory of partial evaluation that refers to Ershov's lecture at the Workshop
Questionnaire, 01.01.1970

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