Documents associated with Computing Center of the USSR Academy of Sciences

Autobiography, 11.02.1959
Letter with attachment, A. A. Dorodnitsyn->A. V. Topchiev, 15.12.1959
recommending to accept the invitation to participate in the Algol International Working Group; attached is the invitation
Article (typewritten copy), 16.07.1960
"PPS - a programming program for Strela-3 computer"
classified as "expired"
Written notes, 01.09.1959
Texts in English and vocabulary
Article, 15.12.1957(?)
"Matrix inversion"
Letter, N. M. Nagorny ->A.P. Ershov, 03.01.1964
Letter, N. N. Moiseev ->A.P. Ershov, 28.03.1984
Item 1. (Name does not exist in this language.)
Item 1. (Name does not exist in this language.)
Letter, A. A. Dorodnitsyn->A.P. Ershov, 13.01.1975
Informing of the INFOPOL-76 conference in Poland ; asking Ershov to submit a paper and to recommend other possible contributors
Abstract, 02.12.1957
"On the notion of computational algorithm" (handwritten)
Written notes, 08.10.1959
Home-works in English
Letter, A. S. Alekseev->V.N.Klimov, 17.01.1980
Concern with the delay of the SAPPHIRE operation testing start. Proposing a realistic schedule with the system testing planned for June 1980
Project, 10.10.1958
Technical specification of a KD for punching and typing character information.
Report, 28.12.1959
of the USSR AS Computing Center's Lboratory of Tasks Preparation and Programming "On flowgraph representation of Janov schemata"
to the formula 6.
formula 7
Letter, S. L. Sobolev->A. A. Dorodnitsyn, 01.03.1960
about transferring A.P. Ershov to the Inst. of Mathematics of the USSR SBAS
Questionnaire, 01.01.1970

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