Svyatoslav S.  Lavrov
Birth date: 12.03.1923 Death date: 18.06.2004
Cities: Moscow, Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg ), Kaliningrad (Korolev)
on: 01.06.1958(?) Doctor of Technical Sciences
on: 01.07.1966 Corresponding Member USSR Ac. Sci.
on: 26.05.1969 Head of Laboratory Computing Center of the USSR Ac. Sci.
on: 12.03.1973 Head of Department Leningrad State Univ.
on: 01.05.1977 Director Inst. of Theoretical Astronomy of the USSR Ac. Sci.
on: 01.09.1979 Lenin Prize Laureate
on: 22.12.1992 Adviser to the management Institute of Applied Astronomy
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