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Information exchange on ALGOL 68
Letter with an attachment, H.J.Boom->A.P. Ershov..., 11.02.1976
The covering letter for the 6 Draft of The Report on the Standard Hardware Representation for ALGOL 68 and the text of that Draft.
Letter with attachments, R. Uzgalis->A.P. Ershov, 20.02.1976
The letter to the WG 2.1 members which describes activities of the A68-III (Informal Information Interchange) organization and different ways to assist it. Attachments to the letter are: a form of the Implementer's Questionnaire and the letter to the A68-III members reporting on its activity. The latter has two further attachments: a form of the Progress Report Questionnaire and the ALGOL 68 Bibliography.
Bibliography, 10.11.1977
List of journal articles on ALGOL 68.
Letter with attachments, A.P. Ershov->van Vliet, J. C...., 29.11.1977
The covering letter for two documents and the texts of those documents: a)Comments and corrections by V.B.Yakovlev to the van Vliet's proposals on transput in ALGOL 68. b) A copy of the letter sent by the Commission on ALGOL 68 (under the USSR State Committee on Science and Technique) to the Working Party on Transput of IFIP WG 2.1 Standing Committee on ALGOL 68. The letter indicates some errors in the transput section of the Revised Report of ALGOL 68 and supports adopting van Vliet's model of transput.
Letter with attachments, van Vliet, J. C.->A. N. Maslov, 26.01.1978
Thanks for supporting the new model of ALGOL 68 transput. A person is indicated from whom one can obtain information on ALGOL 68C. There are attached answers to V.B.Yakovlev's remarks and corrections.
List of commentaries, 16.03.1978
Draft commentaries on ALGOL 68 transput ("CHL 78-03-16").
Letter, 08.01.1968
Letter, J. E. L. Peck->o the members of IFIP WG 2.1..., 08.01.1974
List of commentaries, 17.03.1978
Draft commentaries on ALGOL 68 transput ("CHL 78-03-17").
List of commentaries, 17.03.1978
The letter to the working party on ALGOL 68 transput which contains author's draft commentaries, called once more "CHL 78-06-24", on trasput.
List of commentaries, 31.05.1978
Draft commentaries on ALGOL 68 transput ("CHL 78-05-31").
List of commentaries, 23.06.1978
Draft commentaries on ALGOL 68 transput ("CHL 78-06-23").
List of commentaries, 24.06.1978
The letter to the working party on ALGOL 68 transput which contains author's draft commentaries "CHL 78-06-24" on trasput.
Letter with attachments, 07.07.1978
The covering letter of three documents which had to be considered at the ALGOL Support Committee meeting in Amsterdam and the texts of these documents: a)A final draft of the ALGOL 68 Modules and Separate Compilation Proposal. b)A correction to the ALGOL 68 Report. c)Draft commentaries on ALGOL 68 transput (once more named "CHL 78-06-23").
Letter with an attachment, 02.03.1979
The covering letter of the document "An Implementation Model of the ALGOL 68 Transput" approved of by the Task Force on Transput and presented to the Subcommittee on Algol 68 Support (the document is absent) and also of the report by the convener of the Task Force on Transput.
Set of tests, 30.03.1979
The Revised MC ALGOL 68 Test Set.
Letter with an attachment, 12.04.1981
The letter to the members of the ALGOL 68 Support Subcommittee which considers standartisation of the language. The document called "A Meta-Proto-Draft-Standard of ALGOL 68" is attached. Both documents are present in two copies.
Letter, A.P. Ershov->Ch. H. Lindsey, 24.08.1981
on standartisation of ALGOL 68 in the USSR.
Letter with an attachment, Ch. H. Lindsey->A.P. Ershov, 07.10.1981
The letter to the members of the ALGOL 68 Subgroup of the ALGOL Experts Group of ISO which considers problems of the language standartisation. "A Proto-Draft-Standard for ALGOL 68" is attached. The letter has manuscript remarks of Ershov.
Letter, A. Wijngaarden, van->o the members of IFIP WG 2.1..., 07.02.1968
informing that the Algol 68 report is ready, and suggesting to schedule the next IFIP/WG2.1 for the middle of July to discuss this document

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