Software Projects
The ALPHA Project
Creation of the ALPHA system
Article, 17.12.1964(?)
about the history of ALPHA_compiler creation; the first page is missing
Article, 17.12.1964-31.12.1964
"ALPHA-birth" - an article about ALPHA-compiler for "Za nauku v Sibiri" newspaper
Item, 18.01.1965
Instructions, 07.07.1962
for the ALPHA-compiler blocks appearance (hand-written)
Communication, 29.06.1960-01.07.1960
( 1) of the Association of M-20 users on a working conference which discussed problems connected with ALGOL 60 project and the Source Language of Programming Automatization System (Ershov's project).
Filled forms
for tests 7 and 6.
Item 6. (Name does not exist in this language.)
Item 7. (Name does not exist in this language.)
Report outlines, 17.01.1964
on ALPHA-compiler
Item 9. (Name does not exist in this language.)
Article, 07.05.1964
"Integrated programming languages"
Bulletin, 06.05.1960
of the First Siberian Language with revisions and add-ins
Book ONE, 01.04.1961-10.06.1962
01.04.61 - 10.06.62 chronology: design, assembling, and start of he bootstrapping of ALPHA-compiler
Book FOUR, 30.10.1963-25.06.1964
30.10.63 - 25.06.64 chronology: "Childhood of ALPHA-compiler", Vol.II; complex debugging and operation testing
Book FIVE, 26.05.1964-01.02.1965
26.06.63 - 01.02.65 chronology: "Adolescence of ALPHA-compiler"; operation testing
Book THREE, 22.05.1963-29.10.1963
22.05.63 - 29.10.65 chronology: "Birth of ALPHA-compiler", Vol.I; complex debugging on tests
Article, 01.09.1964(?)
"ALPHA - an automatic programming system" for the "Journal of comp. mathematica and math. physics"
Article, 21.12.1959
"Main construction pronciples of the programming program of the USSR SBAS Inst. of Mathematics"
Article, 26.09.1964
"ALPHA - an automatic programming system of high efficiency"
Instructions, 07.07.1962
for the ALPHA-compiler blocks appearance

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