Software Projects
The ALPHA Project
Collection of papers on ALPHA
Annotation, 02.06.1962
to the book "ALPHA - a programming automation system" edited by A.P Ershov
Comment, 31.05.1965
on the collection "ALPHA - a system for automatoc programming" (handwritten)
Comment, 06.11.1964
on the collection "ALPHA - a system for automatoc programming" (typewritten)
Article, 03.02.1963-22.01.1964
"Memory saving and allocation in ALPHA-compiler" (handwritten draft)
Cover, annotation, and editor's foreword, 14.04.1965-19.04.1965
of the collection
Introduction, 27.03.1965-01.04.1965
Article, 23.03.1965-02.04.1965
"Overview of ALPHA language features" (handwritten)
Article, 18.02.1965-03.04.1965
"ALPHA-compiler organization"
Article, 03.04.1965-07.04.1965
"Programming of expressions"
Article, 27.03.1965-31.03.1965
"Programming of procedures"
Article, 20.04.1965-24.04.1965
"Programming of operations over multidimensional arrays and complex values in ALPHA-compiler"
Article, 08.04.1965-20.04.1965
"Programming of cycles and index expressions in ALPHA-compiler"
Article, 06.04.1965-07.04.1965
"Expressions economy in ALPHA-compiler"
Article, 28.01.1964-21.04.1965
"Memory saving and allocation in ALPHA-compiler"
Article, 26.04.1965
"The ALPHA-compiler management system"
Article, 22.04.1965-23.04.1965
Index, 26.04.1965
"Expired" materials, 04.02.1963-23.03.1965
handwritten drafts of the collection's chapters
Abstract, 11.10.1965
Collected papers, 26.05.1966
"ALPHA - a system for automatoc programming"

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