Outgoing foreign mail (1962)
Letter, A.P. Ershov->R. W. Bemer, 17.01.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->L. Kalmar, 22.01.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->W. F. Bauer, 01.02.1962
in replu to the letter of January 15: readdressing the question to Acad. Dorodnitsyn who is responsible for the Soviet delegation to the Congress; ab opinion on the Sumposium's Thechnical Program's prospectus
Letter, A.P. Ershov->E. W. Dijkstra, 02.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->N. D. Kazarinov, 03.02.1962
about the dissertation defence, the works on the Input Language, several invitations to the USA and the author's plans in this connection
Letter, A.P. Ershov->N. Kerner, 05.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->J. Carr III, 05.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->R. Goodman, 05.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->J. Backus, 05.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->E. A. Feigenbaum, 05.02.1962
Thanks for the letter. photos, and tables; discussion of the invitation to the USA and the problems of the return visit caused by the fact that Academgorodok is still under construction and will not be open for guests until 1963; answering the question about Soviet tubeless computers
Letter, A.P. Ershov->C. S. Goa, 03.02.1962
Abstract, A.P. Ershov->J. Carr III, 07.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->N. D. Kazarinov, 19.02.1962
Letter (hand-written), 21.02.1962
Reply form, 21.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->Vernike, 22.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->E. Pronko, 22.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->L. Lukashevich, 22.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->G R. Tait, 26.02.1962
Letter, A.P. Ershov->Bottenbrukh, 26.02.1962

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