Incoming mail (1987)
Letter, A.I. Sharaenko->A.P. Ershov, 09.11.1987
Request to draw a rough list of the laboratory works planned for 1988-98 in order to make up an engineering department schedule for this period
Letter (hand-written), N. N. Borodina ->A.P. Ershov, 01.02.1987
Attached is the protocol of the "Pamiat'" society meeting
Note, Unknown Author->A.P. Ershov, 03.03.1987
The author is invited to participate in the First All-union Conference on application and realization of the program language ADA. The conference will be held in Yurmala during March 10 - 12, 1987. /Handwritten text./
Letter, V. M. Savinkov->A.P. Ershov, 18.03.1987
The author sends a regular issue of "Problems of Informatics" and informs of regular news. /Handwritten text./
Information letter, A. A. Samarsky ->A.P. Ershov, 20.03.1987
Scientific Council on "Mathematical Simulation" supposes to hold Seminar in October 1987 "Mathematical Simulation and programmelogy: fields of contacting". The addressee is requested before the 1st of May to inform about a possibility of his participation and to express his opinion about Seminar (dates, program and invited specialists).
Letter, G. G. Chakhmakhchev->A.P. Ershov, 09.04.1987
Administrative department of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR informs that full members and corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences have a right to use deputy rooms of the all railway stations on the territory of the USSR.
Letter, N. A. Krinitsky->A.P. Ershov, 09.04.1987
The author thanks the addressee for the reading of the article "Algorithmic analyze of mixed computations" and for his remarks. The author disagrees on the appraisal of one of the goals of his article and argues his position. He appreciates if the addressee will keeps him informed of the new results on mixed computations.
Letter, Yu.N. Vershinin->A.P. Ershov, 04.05.1987
Request to the addressee to tell his opinion on the contract between Physicotechnical Institute of Presidium of the Ural Scientific Center of the USSR Ac. Sci. and Hungary.
Letter, M.Ya. Arest->A.P. Ershov, 03.05.1987
A request to the addressee to name the people in the USSR who develop application packages for decision of routine problems on mathematics, phisics chemistry, etc. and to point out the books dealing with this theme. /Handwritten text./
Letter, E.F. Loschenkova->A.P. Ershov, 24.06.1987
The author informs that the addressee is sent the last book by the Soviet Scientists' Committee "Cosmic weapon: dilemma of security".
Letter, Meshkov ->A.P. Ershov, 25.06.1987
The author informs about sending promotional materials of production of Student research-and-production group of mathematician-programmers of MIEMA "Prometey".
Letter, A. P. Stolboushkin->A.P. Ershov, 08.07.1987
The author informs of sending of the first information letter about the Conference LICS-88. He asks the addressee's permission to include his name and address in a special file for an annual distribution of such letters.
Letter, Organizing Committee->A.P. Ershov, 09.09.1987
It's informed that the meeting "Machine Intelligence-12" will be held in Tallin from 29.09 to 02.10.87; a supplemental information is given.
Letter, V. Bityutskov->A.P. Ershov, 21.09.1987
The author informs that the proof-sheet of the addressee's article "Informatica" is sent. A request to correct thoroughly the text and return it not later than a week after receiving.
Letter, Kovalev A. N.->A.P. Ershov, 12.10.1987
A request to fill in the enclosed form for a payment of a work in a competitive commission on the manuel "Osnovy informatiki i vychislitel'noi tehniki".
Letter, E. Tyugu->A.P. Ershov, 09.11.1987
The author thanks for the addressee's attention to works on programming in Tallinn. He informs, that G.E.Mints has got a job in Tallinn and intends to defend a thesis in Moscow. The author sends summer photos. /Handwritten text./
Letter, G. Mints->A.P. Ershov, 22.12.1987
The author informs that he is staying in Moscow from 22nd to 24th of December and hopes to meet the addressee. He asks when and where it is possible. /Handwritten text./
Letter, N. N. Govorun ->A.P. Ershov, 20.03.1987
It's informed that a meeting of the Editorial Board of the journal "Programmirovanie" will be held on the 23 of February 1987. The addressee's presence is obligatory.
Letter, 19.03.1987
Novosibirsk Branch of the Institute of Precise Mechanics and Computing Engineering is preparing to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary on the first of April 1987. The addressee is suggested to participate in a special issue of newspaper "Software" and to answer to four questions. /Handwritten note by A.Ershov: "Orally. 27.03.87"./
Letter, V. Yu. Rosenzweig->A.P. Ershov, 08.04.1987
The new guidance of MSPIFL intends to renew an education of specialists in the field of applied and mathematical linguistics. The addressee is invited to participate in the meeting of linguists and mathematicians for discussion of actual problems. /Handwritten note by A.Ershov: "Orally, in Uzkiy, on the 28th of April."/

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