International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Congresses, Schools, and Colloquiums
International Symposium "Algorithms in Modern Mathematics and Computer Science"
Preparation of the symposium
Notes (hand-written), 23.07.1979
drafts for replies to the letters from foreign colleagues
Letter, N. A. Shanin->A.P. Ershov, 16.07.1979
suggests a new topic for discussion
Letter (hand-written), G. M. Adelson-Velskii->A.P. Ershov, 29.06.1979
discusses the program of the symposium; suggests Dr. A.V. Karzanov to be invited to Urgench
Letter, V. A. Uspensky->A.P. Ershov, 01.07.1979
discusses some working aspects, such as potential participants, the theme of his talk, organizing activity
Letter (hand-written), Yu. V. Matiyasevich ->A.P. Ershov, 28.05.1979
discusses the program of the symposium and the list of potential participants
Letter, N. M. Nagorny ->A.P. Ershov, 03.08.1979
refusal to give a talk
Letter (hand-written), A. O. Slisenko->A.P. Ershov, 05.09.1979
refusal to prepare a talk
Letter (hand-written), A. O. Slisenko->A.P. Ershov, 03.08.1979
writes about his possible contribution to discussion
Letter, V. A. Uspensky->A.P. Ershov, 15.05.1979
reasoning about his opening talk
Note (hand-written), 05.06.1979
about G.S. Tseitin's talk
Letter (hand-written), V. A. Uspensky->A.P. Ershov, 12.08.1979
asks to consider A.L. Semenov as his co-author
Letter, A.P. Ershov->M. S. Paterson, 25.07.1979
invitation to be a guest of the USSR Academy of Sciences
Letter, A.P. Ershov->I.P. Sidorov

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