International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Congresses, Schools, and Colloquiums
International Conference of Data Processing (INFOPOL)
At the INFOPOL-76
Working Notes, 20.03.1976-26.03.1976
made at the Conference
Airplane ticket, 18.03.1976
Moscow-Warsaw-Moscow issued to A.P. Ershov
Working Notes, 01.04.1976
Working Notes, 30.03.1976
made durig the visit to the Institute of Theoretical Cybernetics
Working Notes, 01.04.1976
Memorabilia, 21.03.1976-27.03.1976
Conference program, 22.03.1976-27.03.1976
of INFOPOL-76 participants
Minutes, 22.03.1976
of the Conference opening and the discussion of Ershov's talk
Working Data
Invitation, 22.03.1976
Invitation, 22.03.1976

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