International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Congresses, Schools, and Colloquiums
International Symposium "Algorithms in Modern Mathematics and Computer Science"
Mass media about the symposium
"Symposium on the algorithm" for "Mosńow News Information" 74(118), Sep 22-24, 1979, page 5.
Article, 15.09.1979
"Mathematicians’ Forum at Al-Khowarizmi Homeland" - a newspaper article in «Khorezmskaya pravda», an interview with the vice-chairman of Khorezm regional executive committee Dzhabbarov Sh.
Article, 18.09.1979
"Science at the Service of Peace and Progress" - an editorial in «Khorezmskaya pravda» about opening of the International symposium of Mathematicians
Article, 18.09.1979
"Shodiena" - a newspaper article in "Khorezm khakikati" in Uzbek language
Article, 19.09.1979
"Herald of cybernetics" - a notice by H. Zemanek in «Khorezmskaya pravda»
Notices, 20.09.1979
"At the International symposium of Mathematicians" - in «Khorezmskaya pravda»
Notice, 21.09.1979
"Fanning maksadi - inson bahkti" - notices in «Khorezm khakikati», in Uzbek language
Notice, 22.09.1979
"Unforgettable day" - a notice and photo-reportage about an excursion to Khiva, «Khorezmskaya pravda»
Article, 22.09.1979
"Safar shodliklari" - notices in «Khorezm khakikati», in Uzbek language
Notices, 25.09.1979
"Forum of science and collaboration" - a notice and interviews with participants of the symposium in «Khorezmskaya pravda»
Article, 24.05.1983
"In the Great Scientist's Homeland" - a hand-written and typed draft for an article in the «Kvant» magazin (N 8, 1984).

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