International Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Congresses, Schools, and Colloquiums
International Symposium "Algorithms in Modern Mathematics and Computer Science"
Mass media about the symposium
Article, 15.09.1979
"Mathematicians’ Forum at Al-Khowarizmi Homeland" - a newspaper article in «Khorezmskaya pravda», an interview with the vice-chairman of Khorezm regional executive committee Dzhabbarov Sh.
Article, 18.09.1979
"Science at the Service of Peace and Progress" - an editorial in «Khorezmskaya pravda» about opening of the International symposium of Mathematicians
Article, 18.09.1979
"Shodiena" - a newspaper article in "Khorezm khakikati" in Uzbek language
Notices, 20.09.1979
"At the International symposium of Mathematicians" - in «Khorezmskaya pravda»
Article, 19.09.1979
"Herald of cybernetics" - a notice by H. Zemanek in «Khorezmskaya pravda»
Notice, 22.09.1979
"Unforgettable day" - a notice and photo-reportage about an excursion to Khiva, «Khorezmskaya pravda»
Notice, 21.09.1979
"Fanning maksadi - inson bahkti" - notices in «Khorezm khakikati», in Uzbek language
Article, 22.09.1979
"Safar shodliklari" - notices in «Khorezm khakikati», in Uzbek language
Notices, 25.09.1979
"Forum of science and collaboration" - a notice and interviews with participants of the symposium in «Khorezmskaya pravda»
"Symposium on the algorithm" for "Mosńow News Information" 74(118), Sep 22-24, 1979, page 5.
Article, 24.05.1983
"In the Great Scientist's Homeland" - a hand-written and typed draft for an article in the «Kvant» magazin (N 8, 1984).

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