Software Projects
The ALPHA Project
Working Notes
by B. Zagatsky "Programming of procedures in ALPHA compiler"
Memo, A. O. Buda ->A.P. Ershov
Man-hour estimate of design and development of a quick version of compiler for ALPHA-6 language
of preliminary design project
ALPHA-6 statistics
Subjects of students' theses projects on ALPHA-6
Working Documents
Functional specifications of compiler blocks written by developers
Working Data
Summary of some book, list of researchers working on Algol 68, ...
Working Data
Cost-effectiveness calculation for project F-581 "Alpha-6"
Job description, 10.07.1971
of operating personnel n ALPHA-6 project
Memo, 27.05.1974
Plan of operation: Cycle 1
Memo, 27.05.1974
Plan of operation: Cycle 2
Memo, 30.08.1974
System benchmark testing
Letter, A.P. Ershov->A. V. Potopalov, 31.07.1984
Reply to the questions on the possibility of Alpha-6 system revision
Letter, A. V. Potopalov->A.P. Ershov, 10.11.1984
Theanks for the reply on the system revision suggestions
Report note, T. S. Vasyuchkova->I.V. Pottosin..., 24.12.1971
Report note, A. E. Khoperskov->I.V. Pottosin, 30.04.1972
Memo, S.E. Kozlovsky->I.V. Pottosin, 04.06.1976
Report, 01.09.1972

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