Ershov's participation in goverment programs' elaboration
Working out USSR AS prediction reports on the most important lines of science development
Extract, 10.12.1986
from the USSR AS decision for OIVTA on working out prediction reports
Decision, 10.12.1986
of the USSR AS Presidium on working out prediction reports on the most important science directions (prefaced with covering note with the destination list)
Outline, 15.01.1987
of the prediction report "School informatics"
Telegram, A. Tavkhelidze->A.P. Ershov, 30.01.1987
with the name of the prediction reports consultant; asking when he can come to visit Ershov
Paper, 31.01.1987
"Prognosis on the major scientific direction "School Informatics"
Extract, 23.03.1987
from the minutes of executive meeting under the President of the USSR AS on the development of programs based on prediction reports
Decision, E. P. Velikhov->A.P. Ershov, 09.04.1987
Paper, 25.03.1987
"Supercomputers" (prediction report up to year 2000)
Paper, 13.03.1987
"Next generation mass-application computers"
Summary, 25.03.1986
of the report "Artificial Intelligence: state of the art and development forecast"
Paper, 25.03.1987
"Development Problems of Mathematical Modelling" (Draft prognosis for 1987-2000).
Paper, 25.03.1987
"Computer hardware components" (development prognosis up to 2000)
Paper, 25.03.1987
"Design automation"
Paper, 25.03.1987
Manufacturing automation problems"
Paper, 25.03.1987
"Scientific problems of software development for 1987-2000 " - predictive note (draft project)
Paper, 25.03.1987
"Computer diagnostics: technological projection"
Paper, 25.03.1987
"Problems of informatization of society (prognosis)"
Abstract, 25.03.1987
of the prognosis "Problems of informatization of society"

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